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Conversation : Admission in School

Receptionist: Welcome! Please meet Admission In-charge Mrs. Mehta in room no.7.

Anita: Thanks!

Receptionist: It’s all right.

Anita: Excuse me Mrs. Mehta. I want some information about the admission of my brother. I want to get him admitted in 9th class.

Mrs. Mehta: Please have a seat. From which school has your brother passed 8th class?

Anita: He has passed his 8th from S.D.Public School.

Mrs. Mehta: Why do you want to get him admitted in our school?

Anita: That school is up to 8th standard only. Moreover, your school is famous for discipline and good study.

Mrs. Mehta: How much percentage has your brother got?

Anita: He has got 87% marks. He is very intelligent.

Mrs. Mehta: Though he has got good marks yet to take admission in our school he has to appear for the entrance test. It will be held on 20th April.

Anita: Does he have to fill up any form to appear for this test?

Mrs. Mehta: Yeah. This is our prospectus and this is the form for the entrance test.

Anita: Would you tell me about the total charges that we have to deposit for taking an admission?

Mrs. Mehta: Everything is written in the prospectus.

Anita: How much do I have to pay for the prospectus?

Mrs. Mehta: Rs.100/- Only.


Anita: Here you are. Thank you.

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