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Conversation : Art Of Success In Business

Rocky: Our world is passing through an economic revolution. Every young man is interested in business these days.

Meera: We are stuck to just two words – business and computers. People are becoming selfish and money-minded. Literature has been the soul of our society for centuries which we are losing fast. Now relations or friendships are hardly soulful or pure.

Sonia: Meera, you can’t live with an idealistic approach. In fact we must accept the hard realities of life. Nowadays we have no time to listen to poets or read novels? Literature is sheer waste of time.

Sanjay: I think we are diverting from our basic topic: the art of success in business. So let’s discuss about the same. There is competition in every field. We do need an art to succeed.

Meera: You can get success in any field with a simple idea. Work hard and maintain honesty in your dealings. There is no other way to success.

Rocky: My approach is totally practical. None has ever achieved success in business by applying these principles. Gandhian ideology doesn’t work in business. In my opinion: Speak as many lies as you can, but you must have convincing power. Otherwise you can’t succeed.

Sonia: I disagree with both of you. Both the ways are dangerous. We need a middle path. Meera’s approach may become a burden. And if we start telling lies, people won’t believe us. We’ll become a failure. Sanjay, your father is a successful businessman. You can definitely tell what can be the rational approach.

Sanjay: My father works very hard, and he uses his common sense everywhere. It may be his principle. He is also a sincere person. Yet, most people fail with this approach. Success is not as easy as we think.

Meera: We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of luck.

Sanjay: Yes I agree. Without luck you can’t achieve anything in life. With my constant observation, I have also arrived at this conclusion.

Rocky: Rubbish. Only fools depend on luck. Luck may work once but not every time. India was enslaved by different foreign powers because Indians always depended on luck. Those powers were always small in numbers. But they were more disciplined. They used three basic tools which brought them victory. 1. Modern war methods, 2. Strategy and 3. Diplomacy. They never depended on luck.

Sonia: What about the lying principle you talked? Your principle can’t create a good society which is essential for happy survival of mankind. Moreover, we are talking about success in business not about success in war. I recently read in a newspaper that many modern management gurus are advocating Gandhian principles to get success in business.

Rocky: I must accept that I overemphasized (overstressed) the principle of convincing lies. But ultimately (finally) you’ll have to agree that there is no difference between war and business.

Meera: You are again wrong Rocky. How did great people’s lives like Mahatma Gandhi and Edison become big success stories? By applying two simple tools: Honestly and Hard-work. To give a touch of fire and uniqueness to your personalities a third tool is also necessary i.e., develop your talent continuously.

Sonia: Meera’s ideas carry weight. But no more debate or argument! We are getting late for our homes. We must leave now.

Sanjay: Don’t be in such a hurry Sonia. You know we are discussing a very important topic.


Sonia: Remember, there is no end to debate. And now we have got enough ideas. Any sensible person can find a workable and practical principle of these ideas. 

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