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Conversation : Asking For Address

Passer-by : Yes please. Go straight on this road for about 2 kms. There you will find Fun Republic. Just turn to left after it. You will be at Moti Nagar.

Rakesh:  Thanks.

Passer-by:  Welcome.

Rakesh:  (From a passer-by at Moti Nagar) Excuse me. Where can I locate this house B-32?

Passer-by:  Whose house is it?

Rakesh:  Dr. Ravi Verma’s. He is a popular person.

Passer-by:  Yes. I know him. You can locate this house very easily. (Indicating towards a juice corner). Turn right from that juice corner, and go straight. After 60-70 steps you will find Durga Temple on right side. Ask any body there…….

Rakesh:  (From a shopkeeper near Durga Temple). Could you tell me where Dr. Verma lives?

Shopkeeper:  Yes, why not. Are you his relative?

Rakesh:  Of course, I am. He is my uncle. But how did you guess it? You seem like an astrologer?

Shopkeeper:  (Laughing) I am not an astrologer. Your face resembles his face.

Rakesh:  How far is his house from here?

Shopkeeper:  Less than 20 steps. Turn left from there. You will see a park. Dr. Verma’s kothi, having a big black gate, is at the corner.


Rakesh: Thanks.

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