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Conversation : At a Bus Stop

1st Passenger: Excuse me. Could you tell me which bus goes to India Gate?

2nd Passenger: Bus route no.823 and 308 will go there.

1st Passenger: At what time is the bus due?

2nd Passenger: I don’t know the exact time, but the service is good.

1st Passenger: If you don’t mind, could you tell me where you are going?

2nd Passenger: I am going to India Gate.

1st Passenger: Good, I am pleased to hear it.

2nd Passenger: Welcome.

1st Passenger: I think a common man is not satisfied with the public transport system in Delhi. The passengers are made to wait for a long time. Then the journey is not comfortable.

2nd Passenger: A lot of buses are running on the roads now-a-days but the service is not efficient. There is mismanagement everywhere.

1st Passenger: Specially Blueline buses are creating havoc (disorder and confusion) on the roads.

2nd Passenger: That’s why people call it a deadline bus service. They are afraid of this service due to the rash-driving of its drivers.

1st Passenger: Our government must do something to improve the situation.

2nd Passenger: Govt. warned the operators several times, they are being punished, but still there is not much improvement.

1st Passenger: Ultimately it is the public who suffer. Both the transporters and the leaders are experts in fooling the public.


2nd Passenger: The public also don’t keep discipline. People like to break queues here.

1st Passenger: It’s true. Here comes the bus, let’s board it.


2nd Passenger: Hurry up please, we can get a seat also.

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