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Conversation : At A Gift Shop

Salesman:  Good morning sir!

Customer: Good morning!

Salesman: How can I help you sir?

Customer: I want to purchase a gift for my sister to give it on her birthday.

Salesman: how old is she?

Customer: She is only eight years old. It should be something beautiful and unique.

Salesman: You know ours is the biggest gift shop in West Delhi. We have a large collection of gift items. Please come here. I shall show you the latest items.

Customer: Can you suggest me something that can make my sister happy?

Salesman: You can buy this imported doll. It speaks English and sings wonderful songs.

Customer: Oh, it is a really beautiful doll.

Salesman: Yes, this doll is very popular among the female children.

Customer: Can you tell me how to operate it?

Salesman: Yes, push this red button and it will start speaking English, and when you push this blue button it starts singing.

Customer: What is its price?

Salesman: Only Rs.1350/-

Customer: It’s a costly item. Anyway, pack it. I don’t like bargaining. I hope you will change reasonably.


Salesman: Don’t worry. We deal with our customers sincerely and don’t charge much from them. Otherwise how can we get permanent customers?

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