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Conversation : At a Jewellery Shop

Jeweller: Good morning madam, welcome.

Mrs. Khanna: Good morning.

Jeweller: Please come in and take a seat.

Mrs. Khanna: I want to purchase a jewellery set for myself.

Jeweller: With great pleasure, it is your own shop. First tell us what would you like to take, cold or hot?

Mrs. Khanna: No thanks. There is no need for anything. Just show me the sets.

Jeweller: You must take a cold drink. It is hot today.

Mrs. Khanna: OK, if you insist.

Jeweller: Here are some good sets. See the sparkle and the beauty of the designs.

Mrs. Khanna: I would like to purchase this golden set.

Jeweller: This is really wonderful and the last piece left. We brought four sets of this design two days ago, three have already been sold.

Mrs. Khanna: What is its price?

Jeweller: Only Rs.32,000/-

Mrs. Khanna: It seems to be a little costly.

Jeweller: What are you saying madam? Have we ever overcharged from you? This is the newspaper. Look at the price of gold today. We could reduce the making charges a bit.

Mrs. Khanna: (after thinking for some time) I am taking it.

Jeweller: What else do you want? Would you like to see anything else?

Mrs. Khanna: Hmm yes..could you me a simple ring for my husband? It should be less than 10 grams. He dislikes heavy rings.

Jeweller: Here it is please.

Mrs. Khanna: It is really very attractive. What is the price of this ring?

Jeweller: Rs. 4000/- only.

Mrs. Khanna: Please pack this ring also…. And here is a blank cheque. Please fill up the minimum amount yourself.


Jeweller: I am filling Rs.35000/- only. Thank you, madam.

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