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Conversation : At The Saree Shop

Seller: Good evening madam!

Customer: Good evening!

Seller: Please be seated. What would you like to have, cold or hot ?

Customer: Just a glass of cold water. It is very hot today.

Seller: Yes ma’m, what can I do for you? Would you like saris or suits?

Customer: Please show me different varieties of Manipuri Saris.
Seller: Sure ma’m…… Here you are. These are indeed very pretty. You can see different colours & designs.

Customer: Please show me more designs & bright colours.

Seller: These are beautiful saris in bright colours.

Customer: (Picking up a sari) This is the sari I was looking for.
Seller: It is unique and rarely available in the market. Your choice is appreciable.

Customer: O.K. Tell me its price.

Seller: Yes, its price is Rs.5,600/- only

Customer: The price is too much. Won’t you give me any discount?

Seller: Sorry ma’m, our rates are fixed and minimum in the market. We don’t want to waste the precious time of our customers in bargaining (act of buying/offering something at a low price).

Customer: O.K. pack it. Now show me some simple saris to wear for work.

Seller: I am showing you some latest designs of Paraag saris. These are so attractive that you would like to buy at least half a dozen. The colour combination of these saris is excellent.

Customer: (After selecting two saris) Please pack these two saris. What is the price?

Seller: Rs.4000/- for both. Do you need anything else ma’m? We also have a good variety of suits.

Customer: Nothing else. How much have I to pay?


Seller: Only Rs.9500/-.

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