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Conversation : Blood Donation Camp

STEPHEN: Hello John, what are you doing?

JOHN: I have just written a poem.

STEPHEN: You have nothing else to do except writing poems. Will you be able to get better marks in the examination with the help of these poems?

JOHN: Writing poems is my hobby. I know it won’t help me in getting good marks, but I find peace by expressing my feelings in the form of poems.

STEPHEN: Poems are boring. Who reads poems nowadays? I enjoy only movies and games.

JOHN: Friend, you don’t understand poems or literature. Let’s not talk about it. I have some good news for you. Our university is organizing a blood donation camp with the help of Indian Red Cross Society.

STEPHEN: It might be good news for you dear, not for me. I am not interested in donating (giving something as charity) my blood.

JOHN: It is a kind of social service. We serve the needy, we save many lives. Isn’t it true worship of God?

STEPHEN: I haven’t come here to listen to your lectures, and I can’t get hooked to (lured, impressed) your philosophy. Why don’t you donate two bottles, one on my behalf?

JOHN: (laughs) OK. I am ready. But you can just accompany me. You might get interested after reaching the place. You could probably spare half a bottle. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t feel very weak. And you will recover the blood loss within a few days.

STEPHEN: Don’t talk about the impossible. I shall accompany you to the blood camp. It is just to help you reach your home in my car as soon as you donate your blood. What is the date and time?

JOHN: The camp will be held on 25th from 9am to 4pm. Reach here anytime between 9 and10. I’ll wait for you.

STEPHEN: I’ll reach. Now what about tea? You haven’t even asked me for water.


OHN: Oh sorry! 

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