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Conversation : Booking Advertisement

Ad. Rep: May I come in, Sir?

Manager: Yes come in. Please take your seat.

Ad. Rep: Thanks.

Manager: What can I do for you gentleman?

Ad. Rep: Sir, I am an advertisement representative of Delhi News. And I am here to introduce our fort-nightly newspaper to you and talk over the possibility of releasing advertisements of your company time to time. Here is a copy for your perusal (careful reading).

Manager: (After having a careful look through the Newspaper). Certainly, it is a very informative journal. But ours is a big company and we release advertisements in national dailies only.

Ad. Rep: I agree. But please consider two points: life of an advertisement in a daily newspaper is very short. And who has the time to read all the pages of a big newspaper? Most of the people just read front page headlines; or one or two attractive news stories. Don’t you find our journal more readable (enjoyable to read)? Its life is much longer.

Manager: Yes, you have a strong point here. What about the readership (no. of readers) of Delhi News?

Ad. Rep: Its readership cannot be compared to big journals. It is about 50 thousand. But it is very effective. The journal’s reputation as a valuable and informative one is spreading fast. It is especially popular in West Delhi – the people of this area stand foremost (first in place) in Delhi with respect to purchasing power.

Manager: Could you please tell me your advertisement rate?

Ad. Rep: Rs.50/- only per column centimeter. Now compare it to the rates of the big ones. Here is our detailed rate card. You can release your advertisement regularly.

Manager: OK gentleman, please release the advertisement of our company twice a month for the whole year.


Ad. Rep: Thank you very much sir, please fill up this advt. release order, and also write down the advt. material.

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