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Conversation : Buying A Computer

Ruchi: Excuse me! Could you suggest me a good computer?

Salesgirl: Please have a seat. Would you tell me the configuration?

Ruchi: I exactly dont know what the configuration should be. It must have enough power to help me operate Internet easily and do my graphic works comfortably.

Salesgirl: You can go for 2GB MHz with 15 colour monitor. Would you like to get a computer assembled?

Ruchi: No, I want HCL. I think it is the best one.

Salesgirl: Certainly. It is HCL latest model.

Ruchi: Its a beautiful computer. Whats its price?

Salesgirl: Rs.34,000/- only.

Ruchi: Is there any discount?

Salesgirl: There is no discount. Prices are fixed. But under the companys scheme you will get one HP printer free with this computer.

Ruchi: How much warranty is there on computer?

Salesgirl: It has one year onsite warranty. But, this is a good computer. It wont give any problem.

Ruchi: Please get it packed and help me to keep it in my car.

Salesgirl: Sure ma. This is your bill maam.

Ruchi: Here is the amount. Kindly check.

Salesgirl: Thanks.

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