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Conversation : Buying Shoes

Shopkeeper: Welcome, sir! Have a seat please. Would you like to take a cold drink?

Sunny: No, thanks. Do you have Liberty shoes?

Shopkeeper: Certainly, sir! What size do you wear?

Sunny: Size 9 and black colour. Please show me the latest designs only.

Shopkeeper: Dont worry sir. We have beautiful and the latest designs and maximum variety. Try this shoe.

Sunny: It is a bit tight.

Shopkeeper: Sorry sir, I brought size 8 by mistake.. Please try this one.

Sunny: Yes, it fits well. And it is comfortable too. But its design is not very good.

Shopkeeper: Here are other designs.

Sunny: I like this pair. What is its price?

Shopkeeper: Rs.1500/- only.

Sunny: Oh! Its too much. Who will come to your shop if you loot the customers? Please tell me the minimum price.

Shopkeeper: Its an excellent and durable pair. And see how beautiful it looks. The price is reasonable. You know we never overcharge. Still we are giving you 5% discount as you are our old customer.

Sunny: I wont give you more than 1200/-. Give it or I am going. I am in a hurry.

Shopkeeper: We dont want to annoy you as you are our old customer. Now we are giving up our profit. Please give only Rs.1300/-

Sunny: Ill give you Rs.1250/- only, not even a single rupee more;..say yes or no..

Shopkeeper: OK., be happy sir. It is our first sale today. Take it.

Sunny: Please dont pack it, I am going to wear it right away.

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