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Conversation : Children & Punishment

Anju: Most of the parents think that it is necessary to punish the children now and then. But I think it is inhuman. What do you think Jatin?

Jatin: My friend Manish says that his parents used to punish him hard to reform him. He was often slapped and beaten with a stick. He still loves his parents. He thinks that his parents used these methods to make him a good boy and brighten his future.

Mona: What is he doing? Is he wise and intelligent?

Jatin: He is doing his MBA. He is really a brilliant boy. I don’t see any negative impression on his psychology.

Hitesh: By giving one example you can’t justify violence against children. It may be an exception or he may be carrying hatred with him.

Anju: Children are tender and very sensitive. Any type of physical punishment will definitely have a negative impact on their psychology.

Mona: I agree that too much of everything is certainly bad. But if parents don’t punish the children they may develop bad habits and spoil their future. Fear of the parents is necessary to maintain an atmosphere of discipline. Without discipline nothing worthwhile (sufficiently valuable, useful) can be achieved in life.

Anju: Discipline induced (to persuade or move to action) by fear is always counter-productive. It dampens your enthusiasm and mental faculties. Such children can’t make much progress in life.

Jatin: I have seen many families where children are never punished. They are loved and nurtured with utmost care. Still they disrespect their parents, fall in bad company, bunk classes, wander on bikes and waste the hard-earned money of their parents.

Hitesh: I don’t agree that parents’ lenient attitude or considerate nature is responsible at all. They sometimes set bad examples before the children. Or they themselves lack self control or discipline. If you yourself are undisciplined you cannot teach discipline to others.

Mona: But I am yet to see a person who can maintain discipline without creating an atmosphere of fear. Nobody listens to a soft man. Instead he is laughed at.

Hitesh: It is ridiculous. I am yet to meet a successful person who is not soft-spoken or considerate. Who appreciates a roaring or a ruthless leader?


Anju: I think we must move now as our next class is about to start.  

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