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Conversation : Consoling a Friend (not complete)

Inder: Why are you sad? Haven’t you obtained (got) good marks?

Rupa: I have failed in my exams and it is a big shock for me.

Inder: Then it is time to celebrate.

Rupa: What are you saying? Have you gone mad?

Inder: Will getting tensed solve your problem? Failures are pillars of success. We learn through failures. It is not the end of life. So cheer up and try again.

Rupa: Society respects a winner. No one likes failure. A valuable year of my life is wasted.

Inder: When God closes one door he opens another, sometimes a better one.

Rupa: I can’t understand anything at this time, my mind is not working properly. Would you leave me alone please?


Inder: Not at all. I am your friend, not enemy. Don’t be a fool. Think calmly and face the reality bravely.

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