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Conversation : Cricket Match

Tony: I am praying to God to help India win the match.

Monu: Don’t worry. India is definitely going to win this match.

Tony: Why are you so sure? Four wickets are already down and Rahul Dravid and Yuvraj are unable to face the fast balling attack.

Monu: Both these batsman are just trying to settle down with singles. Soon they will start hitting fours.

Tony: If India loses this match to Pakistan it will be a disgrace for the country. I am very tensed.

Monu: It is not a war my friend. Enjoy it like a game. Victory and defeat are part of it.

Tony: How can we enjoy if our enemy wins?

Monu: Don’t worry. Indian players are in good form and they are more confident. See, Yuvraj has hit a sixer.

Tony: If India wins I shall give you a party.

Monu: Pakistan has made only 275 in 50 overs. India will be able to chase the target.

Tony: It is surprising that Sachin and Saurav Ganguly didn’t make runs today.

Monu: They are passing through a bad period. There form is not going well.

Tony: Laxman and Sehwag gave us a good start. But now India has lost 5 wickets. They still have to make 100 runs.

Monu: See Dravid hits a four. Both these batsmen are gaining confidence. They will definitely have a good partnership.


Tony: Then India may win. But we can’t say anything surely in cricket. Anything can happen.

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