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Conversation : Criminals in Politics

Reena: Sumit, you are nineteen years old and you have voting rights. For whom will you cast your vote?

Sumit: I am not going to cast my vote. I hate politics.

Reena: But by hating politics you can’t gain anything. In my opinion, it is the duty of every citizen to caste vote and elect good leaders.

Alka: (to Sumit) If every person starts thinking like you, we can never elect a good government for our country or state.

Sumit: Modern politics has become a breeding ground for criminals. They are nourished under its umbrella. It is better to forget it and concentrate on one’s career.

Reena: But we can’t enjoy a good future if we don’t try to elect a good government. Criminals can be kept out of politics only if all the citizens cast their votes to honest persons and not to the political parties.

Alka: It is true that criminalization of politics has become the biggest problem of our country. And the people of this country are not wise enough to elect intelligent, educated and honest people to govern our states and the country. We also send killers, dacoits and smugglers to the legislative assemblies and the parliament.

Sumit: I think we need to improve the system. How can we allow a criminal or uneducated person to be elected? How can they be accepted as ministers or administrators of this country?

Reena: Certainly this trend is dangerous for our future. There must be some system to reform politics.

Alka: Why can’t be there an entrance examination to enter politics too? It should certainly have six tests: 1.Communication Skills in Hindi, English and one regional language, 2.History of India and the world, 3.Political Science, 4. Personality Development, 5.Economics, and 6.Law. It should be as tough as an IAS examination.

Sumit: I think it is a good idea. Then criminals won’t have time to prepare for such an examination. All our MPs and MLAs will be well-educated and intelligent.

Reena: This simple idea can revolutionize our political system. It will keep mafia away from politics.

Alka: It will give a touch of professionalism to politics. People will get much better political administrators.

Sumit: When politicians are educated and intelligent they can understand the problems of our country properly and work for its betterment in a good way.


Reena: And citizens like Sumit will also start casting their votes.

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