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Conversation : Importance Of Games

Neeta: Where are going, Sarita?

Sarita: I am going to the club.

Neeta: What do you there?

Sarita: I play tennis there with my friend, Rita.

Neeta: Do you play tennis daily?

Sarita: Yes. It keeps my body and mind fit.

Neeta: Games are essential for good health.

Sarita: But some people do not play games. They dont know the importance of games.

Neeta: I think, games should be made compulsory for students.

Sarita: You are right. Games keep the students healthy and teach discipline.

Neeta: Discipline is very essential for the progress.

Sarita: A healthy mind can live only in a healthy body. So, games are very important.

Neeta: Health is wealth. To maintain health we must play games.

Sarita: Now will you allow me to go? I am getting late for the club.

Neeta: Sure. Bye, bye.

Sarita: Bye, bye.

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