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Conversation : Opening a Bank Account

Harish: Good morning, sir!

Accountant: Good morning! What can I do for you?

Harry: I want to open an account in your bank.

Accountant: Which type of account do you want to open?

Harry: I want to open a savings bank account.

Account: Please fill this form. Attach your two photographs, address proof and identity proof. Harry: How much money is needed to open the account?

Accountant: You can open an SB A/C with minimum amount of Rs.5000/- only.

Harry: Would you also issue me a cheque book.?

Accountant: You will get a cheque book. You will have to maintain a minimum quarterly balance of Rs.5000/- only

Harry: Would you issue me an ATM card too?

Accountant: If you need one, you can tick in the form.

Harry: Thank you. When shall I come to open an account?

Accountant: Come any time between 10am and 1pm.

Harry: Thanks for this information.

Accountant: Its my pleasure.

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