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Conversation : Scolding younger Brother

MANISH: Raju! What are you doing?

RAJU: I am watching a cricket match.

MANISH: You have been watching television for a long time. This is your daily routine. Why don’t you take any interest in studies?

RAJU: I study early in the morning.

MANISH: For how many hours?

RAJU: For two hours.

MANISH: Only two hours! Your exams are drawing near. You must study for at least 4 hours daily to get good marks. If you fail, I shall stop giving you pocket money. Father will also punish you.

RAJU: I have a problem with Maths and English.

MANISH: Why didn’t you tell about it earlier? I would have arranged a tutor for you. You are in class10. Do you know how tough the examination is? What will you do now?

RAJU: I am sorry, brother. It’s my fault. I shall act upon your advice. Henceforth I will study for 4-5 hours daily.

RAJU: It is 9.20 brother. Will you teach me today?


MANISH: Certainly. Bring your books.

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