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Conversation : Stress of Board Exams

RAJU: Good evening uncle! I am watching a movie.

UNCLE: Good evening my son! So now you are out of exam stress.

RAJU: Yes uncle. It was a long and stressful period. I need some fun now to relax my mind.

UNCLE: Have you performed well in all the papers?

RAJU: I am satisfied with my performance although I had to leave 10 marks questions in Mathematics and 15 marks questions in Science papers.

UNCLE: Didn’t you know the answers?

RAJU: I knew all the answers but due to lack of time I was unable to write the answers.

UNCLE: It happens with most of the students. How many marks do you expect?

RAJU: I expect above 80% marks because I have written good answers.

UNCLE: What will you do in your vacation now?

RAJU: I shall improve my communication skills in English because without it there is no future. Nobody can get a good job anywhere. Actually I lack fluency in speaking.

UNCLE: It’s a good idea. What do you intend to do after your result?

RAJU: I want to do BCA. I shall also join a diploma course in software engineering.

UNCLE: It’s an IT era. So many young men are crazy to ride the wave.

RAJU: India is a rising economy, and the second biggest in software engineering. This field is full of good opportunities.


UNCLE: The bell is ringing. Open the door. Probably your dad has come.

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