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Conversation : Talking Between Brothers

SACHIN: Prem! Come here. You have completed your graduation. You are also trained in computer operations. I think you must try for a good job now.

PREM: But brother, I don’t want to work.

SACHIN: Then what will you do? How can you waste your time wandering with your friends or sitting at home?

PREM: Actually I am not interested in a job.

SACHIN: What will you do then? Try to understand my point. I have a lot of responsibility of the family on me. Aren’t you old enough to share it now?

PREM: I agree, I understand everything. Yet I am unable to become a slave of others. I want to start a business. And I need your help.

SACHIN: My help? I have already been helping you for the last five years. Now you should stand on your own feet. You need to earn. And business means more burdens. Moreover you don’t have any experience. So work for a few years. As soon as you have some experience and money you can start business.

PREM: It is my belief that I shall be very successful in business. I have a good friend for guidance. Please don’t misunderstand me. It is my earnest (very sincere or serious) desire to share your responsibilities.

SACHIN: What business do you want to start?

PREM: I want to start computer designing, DTP work. It doesn’t need much investment.

SACHIN: You need more than lakh rupees to start work at a small rented place. At least a year more is required to establish it. Yet, we can’t say it will do very well after one year. There is stiff competition everywhere.

PREM: If you can arrange Rs. 50,000/, I shall do the rest. Laser printer can be bought later.

SACHIN: If you are adamant then let us think over it for a few days. We shall also talk to father. If there is a positive decision, I shall help you as much as I can.


PREM: If you help me in this venture (mostly risky work or business) I shall be really grateful to you. It is a question of my career.

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