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Conversation : With a Receptionist

Visitor: Excuse me.

Receptionist: Yeah, what can I do for you sir?

Visitor: Could you help me to meet Mr. R.K. Bhatia, the manager of this company?

Receptionist: I am sorry you can’t meet him today. He is extremely busy. Did you take an appointment?

Visitor: Yes, I did. He himself called me today.

Receptionist: Actually he is busy in an urgent meeting with a delegation from Japan. And he ordered me not to allow anybody to meet him till 3pm today.

Visitor: It is very important for me to meet him today as I am flying to America tomorrow.

Receptionist: Would you wait for a minute? Let me check with the manager please. What’s your good name sir, and from which company are you coming?

Visitor: R.S. Sagoo, Senior Computer Engineer,
Thunderbird Graphics.

Receptionist: Thank you sir. (After talking to the manager on intercom)…. I hope you won’t mind sir. You will have to wait for half-an-hour. Mr. Bhatia will definitely meet with you.

Visitor: It’s all right. I’ll wait.

Receptionist: (Pointing out to sofa) Please have a seat there. Meanwhile I am arranging coffee for you.

Visitor: (Smilingly) Thanks.


Receptionist: Welcome.

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