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Conversation : With a Shopkeeper

Savita: How much is flour today?

Shopkeeper: It is ten rupees a kilo.

Savita: Rupees ten! Price of everything is looking up rapidly.

Shopkeeper: Yes madam, and we are helpless. We can’t control the prices.

Savita: Give me 5 kgs. And also give me 1 kilo rice.

Shopkeeper: Anything else madam?

Savita: Well, how are you selling eggs?

Shopkeeper: Rs. 22/- a dozen.

Savita: These eggs are very small. Are these fresh?

Shopkeeper: Yes madam. These were supplied to us just two hours ago. How many do you want?

Savita: Give me half a dozen. What is the price of clarified butter?

Shopkeeper: Rs. 120/- per kilo is the market rate, but I’ll charge Rs. 115/- only from you as you are our old customer.

Savita: Oh God! How can a common person live nowadays?

Shopkeeper: Yes, we are passing through very hard times. And prices are still expected to rise more during the next month.

Savita: These leaders just play power-games. They don’t care about us. Only God knows what would happen to the poor.

Shopkeeper: We elect leaders. How can they be blamed?

Savita: Okay……….. Give me only half kilo. Money has got wings now.

Shopkeeper: Do you need anything else?

Savita: Nothing……………



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