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Conversation : Women And The Society

Mahima: What happened Swati? You are all soaked and looking tensed.

Swati: For women Holi is a traumatic experience. The worst festival I think.

Mahima: Did someone trouble you a lot?

Swati: First a water-filled balloon hit me on the face while coming in the bus. And as soon as I got down the bus and entered the lane, a group of teenagers threw water on me.

Mahima: Why didn’t you slap them hard?

Swati: When the woman teasers are in a group it is very difficult to react. Even if we react they run away and hide.

Mahima: We are not quarrelling Sunita. We are cursing Holi. Previously Holi was celebrated for one day. Now women have to face the discomfort for more than a week.

Sunita: Please don’t mind. Holi is a festival of joy and friendship. Just learn to enjoy it.

Swati: What can you expect from a society that burns their daughter-in laws alive?

Sunita: Crying or grumbling is not going to help you. Get organized and be tough. This is the only solution.

Mahima: But women have their limitations. Most of them are unable to create a scene on the roads.

Sunita: The chain of that limitation is given to you by the society, which you like to wear. Once you get bold and throw away that chain nobody can dare to violate your honour. Teach the people how to respect you.

Mahima: It is true that till the women learn to fight for their self respect they can’t expect libration. Although it is a tough task to face the opposition of the society but something must be done.

Sunita: Last year I was coming back from the market with my friend. Suddenly we were hit hard with balloons. We saw a group of boys giggling. We immediately took off our sandals and started hitting them. They took to their heels in embarrassment as people were watching. Probably they never played Holi afterwards especially with the girls.

Swati: Still it is a difficult task. We can’t fight everywhere.

Sunita: Then this society will continue treating you as second class citizens.


Mahima: Even if we get tough and united for some time, people will start honoring our dignity.

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