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In the Hospital, with a patient

Manju: Hello, Amir, how are you feeling now?

Amir: Somewhat better. Allah saved my life.

Kishan: Everything is so unpredictable. How did this happen?

Amir: It all happened very fast. I had no time to save myself. I was going on a scooter. Suddenly a car swerved to my side to save a cow. The driver lost control and knocked me down.

Manju: Thank God you are alive now.

Amir: (With folded hands) By his grace, yes. I have a fracture in my leg. I also have a head injury. The doctor has said that I am out of danger. I was unconscious and some kind people informed my family and got me admitted here.

Kishan: God is great. Is the car driver arrested?

Amir: I believe yes. It was not his fault though. The cow just suddenly came in front of him and he was confused.

Manju: Cows are everywhere on the roads these days and it is not safe both for people and the cows. Nothing seems to be happening about it.

Kishan: True.

Amir: How did you come to know about my accident?

Kishan: Dinesh rang up last night.

Manju: Ok. Amir, you take rest now. Everything will be alright soon. We shall take leave now.

Kishan: Yes. May god recover you soon! Take care.


Amir: Thank you for coming.  

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