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2024-07-01 - 2024-09-29
Engmates English Speaking Institute


Our English courses for adults program assist individuals worldwide in acquiring the knowledge, confidence, and practise necessary to realize their potential and drastically alter their lives.

 Why should Adults choose Engmates

Problems faced by Adults in the global world:

Difficulty in communicating
English is now a second language for the majority of people, but it still presents a language barrier for others. English plays a crucial role in everyone’s life, whether it’s to succeed in interviews, enjoy eating out, or express your emotions in real or reel life. The majority of adults lose their confidence to speak English with others and their kids as well.

Feel isolated and backward
No matter how much you know about the topic, if you can’t communicate your ideas clearly in English, you won’t be able to impress your audience or pass the interview. You feel alone and behind the times if you don’t even understand basic English, and this happens with majority of the adults.

Insecurities resulting from the expansion of social media
It’s critical to realise that social media has a firm grip on everyone’s mind and that it controls everything around us. The English slangs, idioms and phrases etc that are used on social media can be difficult for some adults to understand, which makes them uneasy about using these platforms.

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