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20 Most Used English Proverbs

  1. You can’t have your cake and eat it too-You cant have it both ways.
  2. Practice makes the man perfect– Everything is difficult when you are a beginner. But if you stick with it, if you keep practicing, you can master anything.
  3. Where there is a will, there is a way-if you have the will to meet the problems that are in front of you, there is a way to overcome them.
  4. Don’t make a mountain of an anthill-One should not exaggerate small problems
  5. An apple a day keeps the Doctor away-An apple is full of Vitamin C, which keeps you healthy. Eating nutritious food keeps you healthy.
  6. Better late than never-While being the early bird is the best; even latecomers may get something for coming. It would be a lot worse if they never came at all.
  7. The cat is out of the bag-a secret has been told
  8. Don’t bite off more than you can chew– It’s the same if you take on more work or responsibility than you can handle you will have a difficult time.
  9. You made your bed, now you have to lie in it– One can’t trade places with anyone else. One must live with the results of one’s actions, so make good choices.
  10. It takes two to tango.- This proverb is often said during a fight in which one person is putting all of the blame on the other person, when both people were actually responsible. two people are responsible for some situations, so you can’t just blame one person.-
  11. It is no use crying over spilled milk- Don’t waste time worrying about little things that cannot be changed.
  12. Learn to walk before you run– All things will come in time, but you must be patient and go through the proper process.
  13. Money doesn’t grow on trees– money must be earned through hard work, and doesn’t “grow back” after you spend it.
  14. It’s the tip of the iceberg– The situation where you are only beginning to understand the problem and the little signs that you can see are in fact part of a much larger problem.
  15. Ignorance is a bliss– it feels better and you’re more comfortable when you don’t know about certain things.
  16. The forbidden fruit is always the sweetest– if something isn’t allowed, you often want it the most
  17. Every cloud has a silver lining– Every bad situation has some good parts to it—you just have to look for them
  18. Once bitten twice shy–  From experience, we learn to avoid situation causing trouble or distress
  19. Let bygones be bygones– Forget you past complains and start over afresh.
  20. Give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself.– If you give excess freedom to someone they will eventually make themselves fall in trouble.

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