I can speak English just because of Engmates

Engmates is an excellent institute. I love all hardworking teachers. Great facilities are there. Working environment is very fine. It helps me in exploring myself. Trainers help me in removing my hesitation. They have friendly nature. Now I have great confidence. I can speak English just because of Engmates.


NLP sessions by Head Trainer Ms. APARAJITA is fenominal

Hello guys, I am Naushad Malik, I am a front office executive at Marriott Hotel in Delhi. I have got to know about this institute by Google. Great institute, good environment, Best faculty and much more. Here at Engmates you can get each & everything what you want.

I personally believe that at Engmates I have improved a lot. I took some sessions from Head Trainer Ms. APARAJITA. She is simply amazing. Her way of teaching is fenominal. I have got NLP sessions from APARAJITA mam. And believe me that's really worked. The institute has small groups and individual attention is given to each and every student. Faculty, Teaching Methods, Tricks and Fee - Everything was great for me.

Now I am very confident and I am giving my time to the best Institute. Thanks Engmates for making me great speaker.

Naushad Malik, BSC, Graduate, Front office executive at Marriott Hotel, Delhi

Everyone must attend NLP and Public Speaking sessions in Engmates - A sincere advice for all

Public speaking course from Engmates should be made compulsory for everyone because the way they teach is amazing and interesting. Several situations and proper exposures are given, which encourages a person to come out of their comfort zone. Different activities such as group discussions, role plays, speech competitions, presentations and many more, provided by trainer is useful in increasing the confidence to speak in front of an audience. Moreover, some unique and exciting activities are allotted daily, so as to bring enjoyment while learning, which helps a person to think outside the box and be creative.

Outdoor events organized by them involves interaction with strangers at many places, one of them being Connaught Place, which advantages in delivering self-confidence as well as removing hesitation to approach strangers and have conversations with them. The public speaking batch contains students from each age groups that leads to one to one interaction, that expands one’s perception and increases the knowledge of diverse fields. Furthermore, the interview session prepared by them gives an insight on “what the interviews are all about”.

Both, classes for theoretical knowledge along with the mock interview, are arranged with the aim to familiarize us with various stages of the interview and how to tackle them. Finally, the NLP sessions by Aparajita ma’am involves deep conversations with her and meditation, that helps a person to know herself plus have serenity and peace of mind. These are very beneficial as they impart a positive outlook towards one’s life and situations.


Deeksha Bhardwaj

Great mentors bring out the best out of you – Thanks Engmates


It was a great experience in Engmates. After completing Public Speaking Course from Engmates I have seen many changes in my personality. Now I am more confident.

In this institute trainers are very much sportive and friendly. I have improved a lot.

The fee is very reasonable here. Environment is very good and peaceful. This was my very good decision for taking admission here.

Feeling Blessed to be a part of this Institute!





Ruchi Sejwal, Pursuing Graduation

Lack of confidence to bubbling with confidence – A memorable journey at Engmates


Superb course for learning and practicing communication skills in English language. In Engmates Institute I have learnt lots of things. I have got knowledge about Dinning Etiquette, Outdoor activities which helped me learn how to communicate with strangers.

When I was delivering my first presentation I was quit nervous and could not speak confidently but after delivering presentation 3-4 times I have got confidence.

All the trainers are very friendly here. Big thanks to my trainer who always motivated and encouraged me.

Really wants to say thanks to Engmates.


Davneet Kaur, Post Graduate

I have become super Confident – Thanks Engmates

I would suggest you to join Engmates as it is the best English institute in Delhi. The environment you will get here is excellent. Engmates staff and students are very positive and treat one another with respect. The first thing Engmates told me to be a little patient for the first week so that they can work on me. I was really happy to hear as they didn’t promise any shortcut.

I took the NLP Session from Ms. Aparajita (Master Trainer, CEO). It was mind blowing. She worked on my subconscious mind. The techniques she used really helped me a lot in gaining confidence and get free from my stage fear. The way she guides is marvelous.        


Avneet Kaur, Persuing B.Com

Going back to JAMMU & KASHMIR with confidence and big smile on my face - Thanks Engmates

I am Kuldeep Manhas. I am SARPANCH of Jammu & Kashmir village. I got to know about Engmates through Google. At this post I feel that if I have to upgrade myself then English is really important for me. It was not possible for me to come Delhi and take face to face classes so I took Online coaching from Aparajita madam as she is the senior most trainer with vast experience. She is a well known face and famous for her teaching style.

I was so happy with training and my performance I decided to go to Delhi. I came to Delhi and took Individual coaching from Aparajita Mam. I took dinning etiquette session, image management session, voice modulation session, pronounciatuon session, Grammar session and speaking session. Joining Engmates was the great decision taken by me. I am very happy today.

Going back to JAMMU & KASHMIR with confidence and big smile on my face.

Thanks Engmates Team.

Kuldeep Manhas, SARPANCH of Jammu & Kashmir village

Special Thanks to Ms Aparajita Mam for giving me the opportunity to gather the best in me

Really wants to thank the trainers of ENGMATES, who helped on to improve. I used to hesitate a lot while speaking but now I am confident enough to handle things on my own. I have taken Go Public course with Individual coaching that helped me to become more confident.

A big Thanks to Ms Heer my trainer for guiding and motivating me throughout my course. Special Thanks Ms Aparajita Mam and Engmates for giving me the opportunity to gather the best in me.
Big Thank to Engmates Team...!!!

Nitasha Arora, Orbis International

The whole atmosphere helped me improve my confidence

Hello Guys, I am Dr. Umesh and I was always scared of public speaking. That's why I have joined ENGMATES. I have been blown away by ENGMATES right from the first day.

I'm finding that my confidence in public speaking is increasing exponentially. Engmates is the solution for all your problems.


Dr. Umesh Naik

Thanks Engmates for boosting my confidence level

I got to know about this institute through Google. This is really a good institute for learning English. I had a great time here. It was a great journey with Engmates.

I got individual attention. Time to time activities were arranged which boosted my confidence level.  

I would like to thank Engmates team.

Shubham, Graduate

Engmates turned an unconfident woman into a confident one

I started my journey with Engmates few months back. I am very happy and confident about the skills I have acquired so far. I am very thankful to the faculty for all the support and encouragement. I would also like to thank the team for giving opportunities at the events organized which helped me gain a lot of confidence.

Overall my experience at Engmates has been really good. Thanks

Nirmala Pathak

Really want to learn English – Join Engmates

Hello friends, my name is Visheta. I would like to tell about Engmates. It is the best platform for those people who want to learn English in a good manner.

I joined this institute to remove my hesitation. If you want to speak English without any mistake, you should join Engmates.

Here you get quality training, individual attention, small batches, positive atmosphere and much more.

I am happy and satisfied member of ENGMATES family.

Visheta Sharma, Graduation B.A. 2nd year

I am the best version of me – Thanks Engmates

It was a great experience in Engmates. I learnt many things here. Staff is very co-operative.

I have learnt so many things here like how to be confident, how to speak fluently, how to present oneself effectively and efficiently.

Engmates has transformed me. I am a confident person now.




Harish Samant, (1st year)

The best life skills development institute in Delhi/NCR - Engmates

Hello guys my name is Mohit Pal and my experience in Engmates was awesome. Teachers are very nice and supportive. They create new events to build up our skills.

There is great environment every thing is good. I have learnt many things from Engmates.


Mohit Pal, Graduate

I am ready to embrace success – Thanks Engmates

Before joining this institute I was not very confident I have learnt a lot here. Today I am more confident and more positive.

Whatever I am today is only because of Engmates. Engmates really provide a great platform to improve your communication skills.

The public activities which I did really polished my personality.




Abhishek Khurana, B.Tech (Mechanical Engineer)

Experience a new confident YOU – Join Engmates

It was a great experience to be at Engmates. It was the best journey in terms of learning because the way of teaching is excellent here.

I experienced a positive change in confidence and my mentality. I want to tell you should join Engmates if you are feeling any problem while speaking or you have less confidence. This institute will definitely try to help you to overcome these problems.

In last don’t be afraid to learn, no matter what because in life no one is perfect.



Jagjeevan Singh, (H) Delhi University

My brother was placed in a reputed company just because of Engmates

I got to know about Engmates through my brother. My brother did the course from Engmates 3 years ago. Just because he improved a lot today he is placed in a very reputed company.

I was very nervous and hesitate in front of everyone in my first class. But now I am very much confident after getting sessions from my mentor. I have improved a lot. My public speaking fear has been removed. Overall my experience was really good. Staff is hard-working & supportive.

Anand Simran, 1st year

Best English and public speaking institute in Delhi/NCR – Engmates

Hello everyone.. I am Aman Passi, a perfect example of confident Public Speaker now and the credit goes to Engmates for bringing the change in me.

My mentor helped me gain confidence & also guided me to improve my body language.

Her guidance for Interview skills really made me future ready. I am a confident fluent speaker now.

In the nutshell I can say that Engmates is the best English and public speaking institute in Delhi/NCR.

A big Thanks to my mentor  and Engmates.

Aman Passi, B.Com, 2nd Year (Delhi University)

Join Engmates to be confident!

I am Anuradha and I am from Qatar. I did Public Speaking course in this institute and I really liked it because my trainer helped me to boost my confidence as when you start learning any language first you need confidence. After completing this course I really want to say that it's very helpful and now I am good in English.

Come and Join Engmates, see the change in you! 5Thumbs up for Engametes.

Anuradha, From Qatar

Join the best to experience the BEST...

If you want to join the best institute in Delhi, join Engmates. Here you get quality training, individual attention, small batches, supportive and positive atmoshphere and much more. I am happy and satisified thait I joined Engmates. I am being trained to become a winner in life. I am seeing a lot of improvment in my over all personality. I must advise everyone to come and experience the positive change.




Navneet Sharma, Yuva Leader BJP ,Delhi

I am glad that I joined Engmates

This is the English learning institute in Delhi. Fully satisfied. Great experience. The teachers are very good in teaching and very helpful.

Batches are not very big & this helps the teacher to give time to every student. I am glad that I joined Engmates. This was my best decision I have taken so far to improve my personality.

Ataur Rehman

If u want to be successful in life with a great personality come here & grab the opportunity

I found the best institute with best teachers who taught me how to tackle the outer world with a good personality.. When i wanted to do something in my life ENGMATES helped me to grab the opportunity for which i was planning...

I learned how to talk and i improved my personality which is very necessary for my growth in a branded company. I am really thankful to my teacher and my institute ENGMATES. If u want to be successful in life with a great personality come here and grab the opportunity.

Shivam Pandey, Computer science & Engineering

Great experience with Engmates

Engmates is super. I have found a very healthy environment here to improve my spoken capability.

Great experience with Engmates. I am from West Bengal . I took 1 month course here. Best decision of my life. Very much satisfied.




Camellia, From West Bengal

I Experienced Change in me.

I joined Engmates last month. Before joining ENGMATES I used to make many grammatical errors, but after attending few classes I noticed that I have improved my English a lot , And now I am able to speak more confidently and with correct sentences.......
I would recommend all the peeps out there to join ENGMATES if you really want to experience change in yourself......

Bhavneet Singh, Pursuing Graduation

Engmates - Incredible place to learn english and Interview skills

Engmates - Incredible place to learn english and Interview skills. I am very happy and satisfied with their services. I am grad that took admissions here.

Engmates is a great place to overcome public speaking fear and to improve communication skills. Different activities like group discussions helped me a lot. Now I have become more socially active and extrovert. The knowledge I gained here helped me a lot in shaping my future. All in all it was a great learning experience.

Prashant Chaudhary, B. Tech, ABES Engineering College

Engmates - Experience for life!

My journey in Engmates has taught me lessons for life. I got all the exposures in my Public speaking course. Time to time competition held, which completely transformed my personality.. Co-operative staff and trainer..  Engmates the only place to join if you want to improve Yourself... 

MCA, M.Tech

English seems easy now! Gratitude to ENGMATES…!!!

Before joining Engmates,  I lacked confidence to speak in the public. I joined this institute to improve my speaking skills and now I can say that my decision to join this institute was right.

The teachers helped  me to build confidence and  to overcome stage fright. They knew my weakness and guided me accordingly.

Also events were arranged timely through out the course which instilled a lot of confidence in me. The atmosphere is very cool. The staff is also co-operative.

Overall it was a great experience joining Engmates…!!!




Kanchan Rattan, B.A. (H) Economics, SPM College, University of Delhi

Engmates – My life changer!


Joining Engmates was a life changing decision for me.

Thanks to all the teachers! It’s one of the amazing institutes in Delhi to learn excellent communication skills. I have learnt so many things.

I must suggest to all those who want to learn Personality Development skills and good communication skills to join Engmates.

Moreover , with the help of the skills i learned at Engmates i abled to  crack my  placement in a renowned tech giant




Vivek Rajaurya, MCA, Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Computer Applications & Management

Engmates my Success mantra…!!!

The atmosphere is very good. The teachers have guided me very well. They helped  me with every single problem of mine. My mentor’s guidance helped me learn a lot.

I have successfully got a job at Wipro while doing the course.

This institute has well trained trainers. Thank you Engmates…!!!




Simran Tanwar, Graduate (PDM college of engineering for women)

Happy accomplishment…!!!

Dear friends, I am happy to inform you that my purpose of joining an English speaking course has been accomplished. The aim was to acquire good English speaking skills so that I could confidently attend and crack interview of a reputed organization and I have managed to do so even before my course is complete. Much of the credit goes to Engmates.

Engmates and it’s marvelous trainers helped me come out of my inhibitions and speak freely. Once I was able to do that, they could identify my shortcomings and took corrective measures for improvising. 

Thanks to my mentor for the efforts you put in me. I can now confidently speak in English anywhere anytime. Though I still make mistakes but improving day by day as it’s the matter of practice that makes you perfect.

As I am nearing my journey of Engmates , I advise all aspirants to speak in English as much as you can without any fear or worry of making mistake.

It is the one and only way of learning any language…!!!

Preeti Nain, Teacher

Engmates - My support for CONFIDENCE...!!!

Engmates is the best coaching centre for English speaking. I got good knowledge and built my confidence from Engmates. I improved a lot by doing many activities like speeches, role play, debates etc.

Engmates is the solution for all your problems. I completely trust their methods and I have seen results. Teachers teach you in a very good manner. I am very happy and satisfied with the education they provided me with.

Thank you Engmates for making me confident and thanks for such great support.

Ankit Sardana, Graduation

Engmates, my companion for my dreams…!!!


Hi this is Shahnawaz from Econnexions Hr Consultant pvt ltd. My work location is at Mumbai. When I planned to go to Mumbai, I needed English speaking classes. I searched on Google for the best English speaking institute and short listed some institutes. Finally I decided on Engmates.

When I joined Engmates, in my company I was handling two departments, one was client tie up and the second was Franchise development. I was very good in North and west with client communication but was unable to communicate with the South. Now I can talk in English with people. I have started talking in English with my Clients and franchisers.

And finally I succeeded in selling my Bangalore franchise during the third week of October. This was possible only because of Engmates. Thanks to Engmates who made my dreams come true.

Shahnawaz, E Connexions Hr Consultant pvt ltd.

EngMates – A satisfactory experience…!!!

 Hi everyone. I am Manisha. I did 6 months course from EngMates (Tilak Nagar). It was an amazing experience. I got information about this institute through Google. I must thanks EngMates for giving me such a nice platform and also to many others like me to improve our communication skills along with a personality. I am glad to say that I am now absorbed as a Teacher at a very reputed school.  

The faculty is very co-operative.

Manisha Mishra, Teacher

My English route from Afghanistan to India…!!!

Hello friends, My name is Yalda Yaqubi and I am from Afghanistan. When I came to India I only knew Afghan language. I was not even able to understand the English language properly.

And when I got to know about Engmates (Tilak Nagar). I joined that institute and it was a great experience. I did Public Speaking Course from there. And believe me, they helped me a lot to learn this language.

I have learned lots of things here. And most importantly, now I can speak in public very confidently. I participated in Debates, Speeches and Role Plays. Group discussions and Interview sessions were really helpful for me.

Teachers are really very good. The whole environment is very positive. I would definitely recommend other Afghanis to join Engmates.

Yalda Yaqubi, Afghanistan

Stepping up the ladder…!!!

When I was planning to search for best English spoken institute I found Engmates (Tilak Nagar). This institute provides effective training for students who wants to master in English for work, study and travel.

In addition to this, the institute helped me to improve my communication skills. The teachers trained very well and are very helpful.

At last I would like to say that the atmosphere and the way of teaching of this institute is excellent.


Asif Khan, Post graduate CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force)

My course of confidence…

Hello guys! I am Dr. Naveen A from Chennai. I joined Engmates (Tilak Nagar) Public Speaking course a month ago. Engmates is an awesome place. People are very friendly here. Teachers are very helpful. They taught various aspects of Public Speaking.
My mentor helped me a lot to improve my pronunciation, fluency and voice modulation. Aparajita Mam’s classes were very informative and easy to understand.
The whole atmosphere helped me improve my confidence and made my English speaking easier.
I would definitely recommend my friends to join Engmates (Tilak Nagar). Thanks for everything…!!!

Dr. Naveen A, M D (Lady Hardinge Medical College & Hospital)

Want to face the public? Do Public speaking at Engmates!

This public speaking course really helped me to improve my English fluency. The teachers are very good in teaching and very helpful.

They guided me in every possible way and helped me improve my English and in building my confidence.
The interview session really helped to know more about interview skills.

I want to suggest people who are reading this review that if they want to improve their fluency and build confidence then they should join ENGMATES (Tilak Nagar). (You may contact us on 9311811011, 93100-01999)


Hardev Singh, (Hons)

Join Engmates to transform yourself into a confident Public Speaker

The trainer, the environment, and the activities everything really helped in overall development of our personality.

The course helped in exploring ourselves, shedding away our shyness and made us more confident public speakers. I am sure what all we have gained here is going to pave the way for our future.

Overall it was great experience with Engmates (TILAK NAGAR).


Srishti Bhatnagar, B.Tech (CSE)

When my biggest fear became a great fun game…!!!

Hello guys! This is Khyati Patel. I joined Engmates (Tilak Nagar) for Public Speaking course. I wanted to join a course which can help in improving my overall personality. Then I came to know about this public speaking course through which I could enhance my personality, communication skills, fluency in English etc. And then I joined this course because I was going to appear for Interviews.

Seriously, I have learned many new things here. Now I can easily involve myself in group discussions and debates.
Before joining Engmates, I had no confidence whenever I had to speak in public. I have never attended speech and debate competitions during my college or school life. But because of Engmates and because of their way of teaching, I gained a lot of confidence. My voice modulation has become better and I gained fluency in speaking also. And I would like to tell you that it helped me a lot in sitting at Genpact interview for voice process and I got selected in Genpact because of my enhanced communication skills, good pronunciation and good voice modulation.

A big thanks to Engmates and all the faculties there who supported me and guided me to overcome these challenges.

Khyati Patel B.Tech (C.S.) Kalindi College, DU, Delhi

Get a Winning Personality – Join Engmates

I have to go to Russia to do my MBBS. I wanted to improve my English and personality so I joined the best English Institute in Delhi. Well, it was an awesome experience joining Engmates (Tilak Nagar) family. I did Go Public course from here & believe me EngMates shined my personality, etiquette, fluency & helped me overcome my hesitation. If I talk about the facilities over here, the atmosphere is cool. The staff is very friendly & supportive. They increase our confidence and give charm to our overall personality. 

I would suggest everyone who has an issues with English & confidence, Join the Engmates Family.



Vivek Dixit MBBS Student

If you Want to become a confident speaker, then nothing is better than Engmates

First of all I would like to thank Engmates (Tilak Nagar) for making me a confident speaker. All the trainers of Engmates are very good. The way of teaching is very unique and amazing. The trainers help students to build their speaking skills, confidence and personality, individually.

The institute atmosphere is favorable for learning English. At last I would like to tell all my friends that if you want to learn English, then nothing is better than Engmates.

Surjeet Singh Teacher

A complete transformation – Thanks Engmates

The atmosphere is good for learning. The institute provided me a platform to express myself. To enhance my communication skills I joined Engmates (Tilak Nagar). But I have learnt many more things. It brought a great change in my life. The staff whether it is administrative or trainers, they all are welcoming and put all their efforts to push you. They help you become a butterfly from a caterpillar.

I feel more confident now and yes thanks to Engmates. I am ready to face the world.


Tarleen Kaur B.Sc (H) Maths + B.Ed

Glad to Join Engmates – Best Decision of My Life So Far…

When I joined Engmates (Tilak Nagar) three months ago, I was unable to speak or express anything. I was very reserved & an introvert person. But now when I look at myself, I see a complete change in me. And this credit goes to none other than Engmates.

The coaching & training they provide is top notch. The environment is very good and the best thing is the teachers and management are understanding, cooperative & friendly.

Batches are not very big & this helps the teacher to give time to every student. I am glad that I joined Engmates. This was my best decision I have taken so far to improve my personality.



Parvinder Singh BCA Graduate

My anchor for English is Engmates

My main motive to join Engmates (Tilak Nagar) was to improve my fluency, but after some days, I realized that they don’t just teach you English but they teach you by emotionally connecting with you. Seriously, the teachers are so qualified and frank. I improved a lot here. My fear of audience has been totally wiped away.

Now I feel confident & the complete credit goes to Engmates.


Saurabh Kumar Yadav Graduate

I brought out my best with Engmates

According to my view & experience Engmates (Tilak Nagar, 93118-11011, 93100-01999) is the best English learning institute. I did Advanced Communication Skills course here. The atmosphere of the institute is full of zest. The teachers are very good. The way of teaching is excellent. Teachers always keep on motivating us. They don’t only teach us English but also teach us how to develop confidence to become successful.

Today I am feeling bold and confident. Thanks to Engmates (Tilak Nagar).


Mridul Arya Graduate

An unforgettable journey at Engmates…

Guys, I am Khalil Ahmad Qasemy from Afghanistan. If I have to say something about Engmates (Tilak Nagar 93118-11011, 93100-01999), it is the best place to learn English and get knowledge. The knowledge I received here is very apt and useful. The teachers are very skilled. They help each student individually. They make us work towards perfection. The atmosphere of the institute is very positive and jovial. I took 45 days classes and now I’m able to speak fluently in English. Management is very good here. I enjoyed learning here a lot. My English speaking skills have increased significantly.

Big Thanks to Engmates.


Khalil Ahmad Qasemy Graduate (From Afghanistan)

Unlimited opportunities awaits the person who dare to seek – Thanks Engmates

Certainly, Engmates (Tilak Nagar) has a very positive atmosphere to learn or grab new things. One can easily open up with the proper guidance of one mentor. This institute has various facilities and nice learning environment and equipped with all digital things in classes.

Obviously teachers are very well spoken and friendly with their students so that one can’t feel hesitation while speaking. I would give 10 out 10 marks to this institute. I have done PUBLIC SPEAKING course from this institute and let me tell you one thing I got a big benefit from here as it helped me to crack my interview in BAJAJ ALLIAANCE (Chandigarh). It was my first interview and I cracked that interview. This happened as our mentor helped me a lot from beginning of my course and also she gave me special class of Interview.

I am very grateful to Engmates (Tilak Nagar) for these efforts they made especially for me.


Arnav Girdhar B. Tech (Chandigarh Engineering College, Mohali)

Drastic change in my personality – Thanks Engmates

Hello guys, My name is Mohit Goel, I did PUBLIC SPEAKING COURSE from ENGMATES (TILAK NAGAR). Engmates has a very positive atmosphere to learn or grab new things. I have learned many new things here.

Coaching was really good. Initially I had no confidence to speak in public. But now i can speak in front of people without hesitation. I have seen drastic change in my personality. Special thanks to my mentor who has always encouraged me.

I gained confidence and etiquette. And the most interesting thing which i did here First time I ever participated in a cultural programe & now I am looking forward to participate in my collage fest. So thanks you Engmates for making me so confident.

Mohit Goel BCA, Delhi

My current inspiration and my future aspiration!

Being from a rural background, I wasn’t able to speak English before a single person. I joined Engmates Tilak Nagar branch in the beginning of August 2016. And now it’s three months and I can speak before a huge audience also. Guidance of our trainer was very friendly. This institute provides the required atmosphere for English speaking. And if you want to be a fluent speaker then you should try this institute right now. Now I am full of confidence. Confidence is the most important thing I think I gained here.

Thanks Engmates


Deepak Kumar

Join Engmates to be the BEST…

Hi Friends, I am Sachin Dixit. I am doing MBBS. My experience with Engmates was really great. I Joined Engmates (Tilak Nagar, 9311811011,9310001999) just to improve my communication skills & personality. And I took admission in Public Speaking course. The staff is really supportive. They have all the good ways of teaching and they bring the best out of students. Engmates improved my personality. I improved my English speaking skills dramatically.

I would suggest you all to join Engmates to be the best.


Sachin Dixit MBBS Student

An UNFORGETTABLE journey at Engmates – Join the Best Institute of Delhi

It was a wonderful experience in Engmates (Tilak Nagar). Atmosphere of the classroom is full of enthusiasm. According to my opinion Engmates is the best institute for learning English as well as Personality Development. Thanks to my trainer who is so supportive and helpful by nature. Each day she gave us new and interesting activity.

At the end, I would like to say that it was an UNFORGETTABLE journey at Engmates (Tilak Nagar).



Ajeet Singh BBA

Wanna see changes in your Personality and English? – Join Engmates

I don’t know from where I should start. It has been a wonderful experience here in Engmates (Tilak Nagar). I’m glad and consider taking admission here as my wisest decision. Best part is every trainer is so cooperative. You just don’t learn how to speak English but your overall personality develops. So I will suggest each and everyone out there, that if you want to learn English and wanna see change in yourself JOIN ENGMATES !!


Anurag Kashyap

Thank you Engmates for making me a confident girl

This institute is a very good institute for learning English. I learned a lot from this institute. Engmates(TILAK NAGAR) increased my confidence level as well. Teachers are also excellent. They trained us in a proper manner & in interesting ways. I loved the activities that happened here. Now I can speak good English because of Engmates.

Engmates made me a confident girl. Thanks a lot…!!!


Nidhi Saxena

Gain Confidence – Join Engmates

It was a beautiful experience in Engmates (Tilak Nagar). I enjoyed a lot here and my confidence level also boosted up here. In Engmates there is such an enthusiastic atmosphere that it helps you build your interest more and more in English language. Teachers of Engmates are so sweet, they help you speak.

There are different kinds of activities which we do everyday & which develop our interest more in learning English. We have done role-plays, group discussions, debates etc. We have got interview skills and personality development sessions.

Teachers take initiative and make you learn English. At last I would like to say that I made really good friends here, enjoyed & learned a lot.


Puneet Kaur

Best Experience. Great Motivation!

ENGMATES is a wonderful institute. It was a great experience to be part of it. The way of teaching is very good. I like the activities & the atmosphere of the institute. It has a very enthusiastic atmosphere which helps to bring confidence and motivation in students. Teachers are very kind and helpful in nature. The techniques they use to teach us are very wonderful.

The best part is that they help us even after our course is completed.

Thanks Engmates…



Five Star rating for Engmates – Join to Be a Confident English Speaker

First of all let me start with the atmosphere of the institute. Well, Institute has perfect working atmosphere. The ideas, activities, competitions all are great. Teachers are really supportive. They always support & motivate me to give my best. This institute is at the top position & I think it deserves to be. If things come to my star rating for this institute I would give 5 stars. At last this is the best institute in my point of view.


Tushar Wasson

Bring Positive Changes in Your Personality – Join Engmates

Well, If you ask about my experience at Engmates (Tilak Nagar), it was really awesome. Coaching is good. Teachers are very helpful. This is the best institute for learning English. There are many role plays and debate sessions for children which are letting the students speak and help them show their hidden talent. Time to time various competitions are arranged by Institute. At last, now I can see many positive changes in my Personality.

Jasmeet Kaur

“THE BEST” place to learn English – Engmates

I joined Engmates (Tilak Nagar). Well, I think that guidence of faculty is extremely well and teachers are very coperative in nature also. They are great motivators. New and unexpected activities are conducted on daily basis. I must say, Wabstalk did an outstanding job in making me speak good English. Hats off to Aparajita mam. She taught me basic to intermediate level. All the teachers are very fantastic….!!!!!!! I would recommend Engmates as “THE BEST” place to learn English.


Anand Kumar Tiwari

Join Engmates to Get Best Learning Experience

It was a wonderful experience in Engmates (Tilak Nagar). Teachers are very friendly and supportive. I have been changed a lot. Now I can face people confidently. Thanks a lot for making me what I am today. I will advise everyone to join this institute atleast once in your life to have the best experience here.


Palak B.Com 1st Year

ENGMATES a Unique and an Excellent Institute

My name is Rhythm. I studied in Engmates (Tilak Nagar) for 45 days and I loved the atmosphere of this institute. And the way teachers teach the students is very unique. This institute is very much different than other English institutes. I have learned a lot from this institute. Now I have got good command over English. I can talk with anyone in English very freely and the credit goes to Engmates (Tilak Nagar). I am going from here with lots of good and sweet memories which I can’t forget.

Thank you so much Engmates (Tilak Nagar).


The best institute in Delhi – Engmates

In my opinion Engmates is the best place if someone wants to be a confident and fluent English speaker. The teachers are really very helpful and hardworking. I just want to suggest all the students who wants to be a good and confident speaker to join Engmates (Tilak Nagar). Institute’s environment is very good here.

Prashant Dubey B.Tech (4th Year)

I will always recommend Engmates for learning English

First of all I would like to thank Engmates (Tilak Nagar) which has made my future bright. I have learned so many things from this institute. Before joining this institute I used to feel very nervous in front of others. But now I feel comfortable. Engmates has helped me a lot to remove my hesitation. Now my confidence level is high and I can face any situation.

If you really want to invest your money for your growth, Engmates is the right place. All teachers are good and the way of teaching is very good here. Institute atmosphere is very good.

And at last if anyone asks me about good institute for learning English my answer will definitely be Engmates.



Karan Singh

Need confidence, get it here – Best English Institute in delhi

First of all I would like to talk about the most important thing. Coaching is excellent here. Teachers take grammar as well as speaking sessions very well. Students are provided personality development and interview skills sessions which are really interesting and helpful. Teachers give students some activities to do at home so that they gain enough confidence to express themselves freely before anyone. The best thing I like is the attitude of teachers. They are very nice, co-operative and easily get comfortable with students. They teach really very well. I have gained a lot of confidence here. Now I am confident enough to face people and speak English confidently. I always advise my friends to join Engmates. I would advise you too.


Best institute for learning English – Engmates

I came to know about this institute through internet. I watched many videos of madam Aparajita. I really got very impressed. When I came to India from Abu Dhabi I personally visited Engmates and met madam Aparajita. I joined this institute just for 20 days as I did not have much time. I started attending the classes and I really learnt a lot. She helped me learn how to give good and impressive presentation and speech. I had debate, group discussion, role play, quick speaking, personality development and interviewsessions. All these activities helped me develop my mind. Before joining I had hesitation and shyness but these were removed. Aparajita madam always encouraged me to speak fluently and I did. Speaking environment is really very good here. I would advise you all to join Engmates. Here you would get benefit of your money as well as time.

Mohd. Shakir

Wanna learn how to handle stage and your audience confidently – Join Engmates

Communication skill is the most important factor in developing a good personality. How will you express your thoughts if your orating power is not good?

It was my problem. I was that kind of a person who performed very well in writtenEnglish but I used to become nervous in spoken. Handling stage was a very difficult task for me.

When I joined “Engmates” my fear of speaking disappeared gradually. This happened because of the environment of the class, guidance of the teacher & methods of teaching.

The environment of the class is very good. I always felt comfortable. The method of teaching is very nice which explored my intellect. By these methods I improved my knowledge.

The class is so interesting that I never bunked the class.The location of institute is also a benefit for students as it’s time saving. Now I am quite confidence in speaking. This is because of my teacher. She groomed my personality by her teaching methods. Now I am a confident English speaker and handles stage and my audience efficiently and confidently. Thanks to ENGMATES.

Kamal Tomar

Best English Institute in Delhi/NCR – Engmates

I got to know about Engmates (Tilak Nagar) through Internet. Engmates is a good institute to learn English and increase our confidence level. Engmates provides various activities in the Institute like debate, group discussions, on the spot speaking, speech, presentation and so on. It arranges various competitions to help students get rid off of nervousness and become confident.

Here I got a chance to even host a function which really helped me gain self- confidence. I would like to advise you guys to join Engmates.

Teachers of Engmates are very good and helpful. They are always ready to help and the best part is they also provide interview sessions which are really very important and useful.

Kapi Ketu Bhagat

Become a confident Public Speaker – Join Engmates

Hello friends, I am going to tell you the mantra of learning good English. Yes, you heard the right thing. Now I can speak as well as write good English and the secret of my success is Engmates.

I was not very good in English and just because of this I failed in many interviews. I had lost my confidence level but thank God I found the best institute in Delhi/NCR to build up my confidence.

Now I have gained my lost confidence. I am very happy and satisfied. I have developed fluency. I have got command over vocabulary and pronunciation. The most valuable thing I have got here is my confidence which is helping me wherever I go.

Thank you so much Engmates for such a tremendous job. Well-done faculty for awesome style of teaching. I would like to advise you all to come and join Engmates for making better future.

Where there is a question of making future, Engmates is the answer.

Neetu Mishra

Want to Gain Fluency in English, become Self Confident – Join Engmates

I got to know about Engmates through internet. It is an awesome institute for those who want to become perfect in English. I took admission in smart English batch. I did grammar and speaking classes. Here all teachers are so good. Their way of teaching is totally different.

They organize different activities which are very much beneficial for us. I have visited many institutes but here in Engmates, environment is totally different

After one month I am feeling so much improvement in me. I am proud to be a part of Engmates. I wish I’ll be a part of it in future also.

Sumit Kumar

Engmates has made my life, My dream has come true – Best English Institute in Delhi/NCR

Hello friends!! I want you to know that my English was very weak. Many times I felt Shame because English of my all friends was very good.One day one of my friends told me to join Engmates after that i came here to join Engmates (Tilak Nagar) and finally I joined this institute. This is really very fantastic,awesome institute in Delhi. Even i think not in Delhi, we can say in India also. You can’t believe guys ,the facilities are very good and well knowledgeable. I liked the way of teaching. You can’t get this type of teachers anywhere.Here i learnt many things not only English but how to talk, how to walk etc. And now my English is very good.I can speak in front of anybody without any fear.I want to say that i have no words to describe the praise of Engmates. I suggest you all to join this.It will be very helpful to you. Miss you. You gave me a good life.

Spoken English

Say Goodbye to Your Public Speaking Fear – Join the Best, Be the Best

I am Dr. Priyansh Sharma (M.S Surgery) I did Public Speaking Course from, Engmates (Tilak Nagar). Here coaching is awesome. Atmosphere is student friendly. Our trainers are excellent and have marvelous command over their subject. They keep introducing new techniques to help students get rid off their hesitation and nervousness. Best part is they focus on every student so that every student is able to get the best out of him. We have group discussions, debates, role plays, presentations, speeches, anchoring, extempore, advertisement speaking , calling practice, listening practice and many more activities. We have personality development sessions and interview sessions. We have audio and video recording very often so that we are able to see where we are improving and how much we are improving. Feedback is always there from our trainers and students to help us improve further. I am able to remove my hesitation and fear I had in my mind. At last I have learnt a lot and have improved my skills. Thank You Engmates.

Dr. Priyansh

Re-Invent yourself with ENGMATES- Choose the best, Be the best !

Hello!!!! Myself Rinki Sahani, I would really like to thank , Engmates (Tilak Nagar for Public Speaking Course). I joined this institute with the view of improvement in my English. I thought Engmates would help me and I’m very happy to say that I made the right choice.This is the place where the teachers not only focuse on fluency in English but also work for all round development of your personality. In their public speaking course, various activities are followed in the classroom by the teachers Like regular speeches ,sessions, presentation, group discussion, role plays,one to one debate,group debate,personality sessions etc. We were given confidence building task too like going outside the institute and talking to strangers to get the audio of our conversations. Also documentary making,visiting monuments of Delhi,Drama,how to face interview, dining etiquettes, grooming sessions were also conducted. The teacher also gave inspritional and motivating sessions from time-to-time which helped us to learn life skills as well.One more interesting thing is that the teacher never use the board (black or white) in the class so there is more personal interaction.In fact there is no board in any class room.The teacher is always ready to help the students. Individual attention is also the important part of their focus. Engmates is and will always be in my good books. !!!!

Rinki Sahani Teacher

Now I Can Handle any Seminar and Public Speaking – Best Public Speaking Institute in Delhi

I am Kartikey. I am happy to be a part of ENGMATES (Tilak Nagar). As far as my opinion about Engmates is concerned, I would say it is excellent.Teachers give us proper guidance. They are well qualified, friendly, and hardworking. They co-operate with students. They handle students with love. They have friendly nature and because of their this nature they are able to help students remove their hesitation in speaking.

I personally learnt so many things here which will definitely help me in my future. Here teaching techniques are so good that they make and help students speak. Engmates has excellent study material. In the books there are daily routine activities, vocabulary and sentences. Books are really very useful for daily life use.

In the beginning I was unable to speak with out hesitation and I had lack of confidence but now I am confident. Now I can speak before Public and can handle any seminar.

Friends, I am advising you to join Engmates and join here and you will definitely see and feel the positive change in you.

Kartikey Chaudhary

I have become a Confident Public Speaker. It is your turn NOW!

I joined ENGMATES (Tilak Nagar) to polish my speaking skills and especially to remove my stage fear. I have improved my speaking skills, my presentation skills and my confidence a lot. Voice modulation training has helped me develop impressive speaking style. In Interview skills sessions trainers have trained me to crack interview successfully.

The teachers are really friendly and understanding and lastly I cannot deny the fact that I started my quest at ENGMATES as one timid guy but now leavinThe teachers are really friendly and understanding and lastly I cannot deny the fact that I started my quest at ENGMATES as one timid guy but now leaving this institute with a big smile on my face and ready to conquer the world.

Sentuthung Odyou

One word for Engmates – Miracle

One word for Engmates Miracle. Engmates gives you a very friendly environment. Atmosphere is so pure, faculty members are so much talented and train students upto their best version. we have done many activities here. I am glad to join ENGMATES (Tilak Nagar) and will recommend every person out there if you want to emerge yourself as a best speaker.


Outstanding guidance made me Outstanding Public Speaker – Engmates

Well, when I joined Engmates (TILAK NAGAR) I also had many doubts but after taking classes here all my doubts got vanished. I have got to learn so many things here. I have improved a lot. Earlier I was not able to speak in English but now I can. This institute helped me a lot to get knowledge. I have overcome my problems now. I am confident; I do not feel nervous while speaking. I got many skills . Teachers are very helpful; because of them I have improved a lot.

Thank you so much Engmates for showing a lot of efforts.

Gurpreet Kaur

Join Engmates to improve confidence

According to me, Engmates is an excellent training centre where we can learn English, Improve our confidence and develop our personality also. And, if I talk about the guidance, the staff of Engmates (TILAK NAGAR) is doing a very fabulous job. They are training us very well. Here, I developed my confidence, personality as well as learning. The atmosphere of the institute is much disciplined. Students of Engmates (TILAK NAGAR) are also very friendly and comfortable to be with. Join Engmates (TILAK NAGAR) for your bright future.

Savleen Kaur

Learn Various ways of Learning English at Engmates

Engmates is a very good institute. All the teachers in Engmates (Tilak Nagar) are very good. All are well experienced.They understand the problems of students and try to put efforts for solving the problems of each and every student particularly. I love to come to Engmates every day. We learn English by doing many activities like Role play, story narration, and so on. Here I learnt many things and also developed my personality. I got many vocabularies too. I must thank Engmates team. Even I would like to suggest everyone to join Engmates (Tilak Nagar) for great future.


Engmates Can Make Anyone Speak English Confidently and Fluently – Join to Get a Great Personality

About Engmates I would like to say Wonderful Adorable Be Witching(magical) Splendid Place to learn, How to TALK. The way of training is amazing. I did a Public Speaking course from Engmates ( TILAK NAGAR) You may call them on 9311811011 or 9310001999 for courses details they have if you wish.

Engmates(TILAK NAGAR) is a place where teachers can make anyone talk no matter how hesitant, shy, nervous and under confident he/she is. Hats off to this institute. It is the another name of learning. It is a place which can’t be described in words.

With my great experience I would suggest who so ever meets me to join this institute.

Prakam Singh Rajput

My friends praise me now for having command over English – Thanks to Engmates

Everything is very good. Teachers teach in a very professional manner. Engmates is very popular English institute in Delhi. I got the address (Tilak Nagar) from Google and Just Dialed. I was weak in grammar and hesitant in speaking English in front of others.

Many of friends complimented me that I have improved a lot, my confidence level has increased and even I am making correct sentences now.

We have done many activities like Group discussion, role play and so on. I want to suggest the student to join the Engmates to improve English.

Nitesh Kumar

I have Got an Excellent Personality and Communications Skills – Engmates Made My Dream Come True

Well, it was an amazing experience in Engmates(TILAK NAGAR) as the faculty is very good and understanding. They gave their 100% to improve my communication skills and they are very helpful that we can easily ask anything anytime and they are ready to help. They helped me a lot to improve my English. I was not that much comfortable in speaking English but teachers motivated me and gave confidence to speak in front of everyone and Now I myself can see the difference in me. Engmates helped me to furnish my personality. And now just because of Engmates I am so confident in speaking.

Kartik Narula


As I am at the verge of completing my three months here, I am finding it my utmost pleasure to say something about Engmates (Tilak Nagar). First of all, the teaching staff here, everyone is so kind and polite, gentle and best trainers. I was enrolled into Advanced Communication Skills course. I went through various kind of activities like Debate, GD, Speech etc… A competition was organised by the institute named “BINDASS BOL” which helped students to speak in public.

My confidence level has gone to it peak. And yes I can proudly say that it was my best decision ever in my life to join ENGMATES. In the last I want to say:-

Those 3 months, I lived
Those 3 months, I loved
Those 3 months, I enjoyed
Those 3 months, I learned
And These 3 months, I will always cherish…

Thank You.

Aditya Mishra B.Tech 4th Year

It was an unforgettable experience at Engmates

It was an awesome experience in Engmates (Tilak Nagar). I improved a lot by doing many activities like Gd, interview session, role plays and so on. I am completely a different person. Now I am very confident and this confidence helps me in many areas of my life. Teachers are very polite and understanding. They appreciate and encourage us. Even everyone is seeing a great change in me.My friends are just shocked to see how I have improved a lot in just a short period of time. I am very happy and satisfied.It was an unforgettable experience. Thanks Engmates (Tilak Nagar) for a great support.

Parveen Pandit Graduate

Investing money for your future growth in Engmates is worthful

I attended six months course in Engmates (Tilak Nagar). I realized that the teachers are really motivating. The environment is really very good. Before I joined this institute I was not confident and even was not able to speak a single sentence. But now I can speak well and have confidence. I am very happy with the sessions. 

Investing money for your future growth here is worthful. If you have desire to learn something, you can surely learn from Engmates. I am glad and fortunate that I have chosen and got Engmates (Tilak Nagar).

Rahul Kumar Graduate

Engmates a well-known name for creating future leaders

First of all I would like to tell you why i came to Engmates (TILAK NAGAR). I came here because I wanted to remove my nervousness and become a confident speaker.My Teacher helped me speak infront of other teachers and students. I realized that it helped me overcome my nervousness.

I believe Engmates is the institute where we can learn English and develop our overall personality. Even the teaching pattern is very good and teachers are quiet supportive and friendly. The faculty is well-educated and so humble. I am thankful to everyteacher who has helped me become confident.

I will always remember the well-known name ‘Engmates’ who has changed me & my personality for my growth.

Rahul Kumar BBA

The Best English Institute in Delhi – Engmates

Engmates is the best English Institute in Delhi. I always wanted to be an English speaker because it’s importance is increasing day by day. I was searching for anEnglish institute and fortunately I came to know about Engmates (Tilak Nagar). I took risk. I am saying it a risk because I don’t trust anybody so easily.

Guys, I just want to tell you all that risk taken by me has done a miracle. I am really lucky that I took admission here. I am really happy with the way they teach us. All teachers are really experienced, supportive, flexible and above all have the intention to teach well and help students develop overall personality. I had a lot of problems in English. I had problem with grammar, pronunciation, speaking but now my all the problems are gone forever because of my teachers. The environment is really friendly here. I just want to tell you all that Engmates has helped me become confident, intelligent and a all-rounder.

I would advice you all to join Engmates (Tilak Nagar) if you are really looking for an institute where teachers can help you make your dreams come true.

Thank you Engmates.

Gauri Shankar BBA

Wanna be a confident English Speaker? – Join Engmates

According to me those who want to improve their English they must go to Engmates (Tilak Nagar). I think the coaching, guidance of the teachers and atmosphere of the institute are up to the mark because their teaching techniques are very good. A student never hesitates as teachers encourage students to ask and clear their doubts, if any.

Engmates has affordable fee structure and easy installment system also. Time to time, they also arrange various competitions & special sessions to give tips that how students can improve their English speaking and writing. I also won one trophy WOW..!!!

Thank you Engmates for giving me that opportunity. At last I would like to say that join Engmates to remove your hesitation. I miss you all…!!!

Inderjeet Kaur District Court Rohini

Today I am feeling bold enough to speak in front of many people. Thanks Engmates… !!!

Hello Friends, I am Deachen Yangdol from Ladakh. I came to know about Engmates(Tilak Nagar) through website. And then I decided to join Engmates. I found it very interesting and approachable.

I did Advanced communication skills course here. If I say about teacher here, She is too good. I liked the way she taught me till now. She never let me down. She always kept on motivating me and helped me to build up my confidence & my speaking also.

Today I am feeling bold enough to speak in front of many people. Thanks Engmates... !!!


Deachen Yangdol Graduate in B.Sc Science from G.C.M (PU) Chandigarh

Copyright by Engmates. All rights reserved.

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