Personality is not just the outwardly looks of a person. In fact, personality has nothing to do with the looks of a person. It is an ensemble of the thoughts, character, feelings, behavior, and body language of a person. Yes, body language is also an important part of personality. All these traits can be developed. None of it is about the way a person looks. But when all are combined together, then the appearance of the person completely changes and makes the personality of the person impressive. Several Institutions have sprung up which are giving out lessons on Personality Development.

A good personality has the charm and power to impress others. A good personality has the power to win the hearts of the people in the interview panel of a Board Room. In the recent years, in the professional world, the weight-age which a good resume has is considered almost equal to having a good personality. Qualification matters and so does the entire way of conduction oneself matter. Tips in which personality can affect the career of an individual:

Self-assessment if the path towards the development of one’s personality. The career selection should also be made based on the self-analysis test. Find out whether you are introvert, extrovert, and smart, shy, confident or under confident? When one is able to recognize the traits which are embedded in one’s character the choice to make the right career will become simpler. An actor can be successful only if he or she is expressive in front of the camera. Hence self-analysis is very important.

Once the selection of the career has been made based on the traits of the character, the path may seem somewhat familiar. And if that means learning few elements to enhance the character and the development of the personality, then go for it. If English seems to be the hurdle, then cross the hurdle by learning and honing the skills of speaking the language. Nothing is impossible. Willingness to success should be there.

The Carl Jung Theory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) are the benchmark measurement theories used by the personality development consultants and institutions as these theories help in creating the personality development in the desired direction based on the character traits of the individual. The parameters are

# Introversion

# Extroversion

# Sensing

# Intuition

# Thinking

# Perceiving

The expert in the Personality Development will be able to guide the person regarding the traits and help them to recognize their own skills and develop their strengths. At the same time, the weakness will also be focussed upon and the individual will be able to see a considerable change in oneself. You can read more about improving conversation skill here, and know how to hone your interpersonal skill during a conversation.

The career can be enhanced with the help of the Personality Development courses or classes as the experts are equipped with knowledge and ways to deal with issues which can be the cause of a poor personality. And again, looks have nothing to with personality. Inner strength and recognizing one’s own power can help in the correct development of the personality.

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