Personality Development Series - Episode #1
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Episode #2 Self Image (Personality Development Podcast Series)

In this episode, host Shruti discusses the importance of conscious consumption. She prompts listeners to reflect on what they have consumed throughout the day and its impact on their lives.


Here are some of the key points covered in the episode:

  • The definition of conscious consumption and why it’s important
  • The impact of our consumption choices on our self-image, our health, and the environment
  • How to start making more conscious consumption choices
  • Tips for overcoming challenges to conscious consumption
  • The benefits of finding calm in a chaotic world

If you are interested in learning more about conscious consumption and how it can impact your life, I encourage you to listen to this episode of the Self Image Podcast.


Here are some additional details about the episode:

  • Host: Shruti
  • Episode title: Episode #2 Self Image (Personality Development Podcast Series)
  • Episode number: #2
  • Release date: August 21, 2023
  • Podcast platform: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other major podcast platforms

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