12 powerful words while interviewing


Interviews are tough. You want to make sure you’re using the right words to show that you’re smart and capable, but there’s also a risk that your language will be too formal and stuffy. Luckily, there are some powerful words that can make you sound like an incredible candidate even if your interview skills aren’t as polished as they could be—and it doesn’t matter if you’re applying for a job in finance or fashion! Here are 12 words to help elevate any interview:

At Engmates, we train candidates ranging from college students to company CEOs. Even sales professionals with good spoken English abilities sometimes falter in interviews. Similarly, executives in the services industry or job seekers often fail to make an impact in an interview.

Interviews are boring for an interviewer. Research shows that interviewers are known to show instant interest in candidates when an impact word is uttered. That is why we focus on these impact keywords in our Interview preparation classes and spoken English classes.


Optimize is a powerful word that means to make the most out of something. It can be used in both an interview and your work environment to mean “do more with less.” This will help you give better answers during interviews and achieve more at work, which is why it’s one of our top words for interviews!


Trending is a good thing.

It shows that you’re up-to-date, aware of current events and current trends, and can keep up with the ever-changing world around us. When asked about a trending topic at an interview, using these words will demonstrate your knowledge of the topic and help you stand out from other candidates who may not have gone above and beyond their job description to research things like this.


When you’re asked to strategize, it means that you will have to think about your response and use words that are appropriate for the task at hand. You will have to think about different solutions and how they would work in practice.

To be successful when answering this question, it is important that you use the word “strategy.” This is because it gives an indication of what type of answer is needed: one where there is clearly thought behind the answer, one where there are multiple viable solutions outlined with the pros and cons of each solution presented clearly and concisely.

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Enhance means to make something better, and it can be used to describe both your skills and the skills you’d bring to the job. For example: “I want to enhance my customer service skills,” or “My background in accounting will enhance the department.”

You can also use it when describing how you’ll help your company grow: “If I’m hired as a salesperson, I plan to enhance our overall performance by bringing in new business.” In other words, this word will work as an adjective (enhancing) or a verb (to enhance).


  • Pioneer: The word pioneer describes someone who is a leader and the first to do something. It’s a positive word that describes someone who is innovative and creative.
  • Pioneer shows you are willing to take risks.
  • Pioneering shows that you will go above and beyond for your clients, which is exactly what they want from their web designer!

Partner with

Partnership is one of the most important words you can use when interviewing. It’s not just a buzzword—it’s a mindset that can make all the difference in whether or not you get hired.

When you partner with someone, it means that you are collaborating with them and working together toward a common goal. You’re committed to helping each other succeed because it benefits both of your needs and goals.

The interviewer wants to know: Are you going to be someone who will work well with everyone on their team? Will everyone at this company enjoy working with you? Do they see themselves as partners in success?


  • This means you’re able to think outside of the box, being able to take on any challenge and come up with a solution.
  • You should use this word when you want to show an interviewer that you’re confident in your abilities and eager to take on new challenges.

There are many ways to apply the word “results-oriented” in an interview. Here are some examples:

  • I am results-oriented, so I will do whatever it takes to ensure our customers receive top quality service at all times.
  • I aim for excellence in everything I do—whether it’s my work or my personal life—and would love the opportunity to share my goals with your company!

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Overhaul. This is one of my favorite words to use in an interview because it conveys a sense of change, innovation and improvement. It’s a great way to describe something you’ve done at your previous job that resulted in significant (or even minor) improvements in the business or department.

For example: I overhauled our customer service training program over the last six months by introducing more efficient methods of delivering that content and restructuring how we measure progress against objectives.


Empowerment. Not a word that you hear every day, right?

Well, empowerment is the act of giving people the ability to make their own decisions. Sometimes it can be as simple as giving someone authority over something they need done, or it can be more complicated such as helping them learn how to do something on their own in order for them to become self-sufficient and independent.

Empowerment is a process of helping people take responsibility for their actions. It’s not a one time event; it’s an ongoing process that requires constant nurturing and attention if your team members are going to truly feel empowered by your leadership style.

Nurture and cultivate

This is a great way to describe how you’re going to help your team grow. This language shows that you have an eye for detail, but also a long-term view of how to make things better for everyone around you.

Communicate well with other staff members, management, and clients.

There are some things that you can do to improve your communication skills.

Read a lot and write down what you have read. In this way, you will be able to memorize the most important points in any book or article which has been written on a subject that interests you. Besides improving your memory, reading is one of the best ways to learn about other people’s ideas and experiences so that when you speak with someone else it will be easier for them to understand what it is that drives your passion for a certain topic or issue (such as professional development).


Facilitate. This is a big word with a big meaning: It means to help a process or activity happen. If you’ve ever led an event or project, this is a word that will come in handy. It shows that you’re a team player and it also indicates your experience in making things happen.

Example: “I facilitate our company’s annual sales conference by organizing all of the speakers, venues and logistics.”

Use these words to sound awesome during an interview

When you’re in an interview, you want to sound awesome. But saying the wrong thing can have the opposite effect. Instead of sounding like a rock star, these words will make your interviewer wonder if they’ve hired a psychopath.


Now that you know the words to use in an interview, it’s time to put them into practice. Go out there and get a job!

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