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Conversation : Interview for the Post of Marketing Officer

Cabndidate: May I come in, sir?

Interview Board: Yes, please come in.

Candidate: Good morning, sir.

Interview Board: Good morning, please sit down. What is your name?

Candidate: Sir, my name is Rohit Kapoor.

Interview Board: What post have you applied for?

Candidate: Marketing officer, sir.

Interview Board: What is your educational qualification?

Candidate: B.A. Hons. in Economics. And I also have a postgraduate diploma in Marketing Management.

Interview Board: From which university did you pass B.A?

Candidate: University of Delhi.

Interview Board: What division did you get?

Candidate: First division, sir.

Interview Board: And from where did you do Marketing Management?

Candidate: From YMCA, Connaught Place.

Interview Board: What is your hobby?

Candidate: Reading books on marketing.

Interview Board: We need a marketing officer who is not only capable but also fluent and effective in English Speaking.

Candidate: Sir, I am capable enough to join your reputed company.

Interview Board: Do you have any experience?

Candidate: I have three years experience as a marketing officer in Engineers India.

Interview Board: Are you still working there?

Candidate: Yes sir.

Interview Board: You are already working in a big government company. So why do you want to abandon it?

Candidate: Sir, everyone wants better prospects (chances of success). No doubt the company is good. But I am not having job-satisfaction. I want to develop my marketing talents further. And it’ll be possible only in a big multinational where I am able to both learn and contribute.

Interview Board: Well, how much salary are you drawing there?

Candidate: Sir, I draw 15,000/- per month.

Interview Board: And what is your expectation from our company?

Candidate: A salary that you think your company should give me. But I am definitely seeking job-satisfaction – a marketing field where there is a possibility of development.

Interview Board: What motivated you to join our company?

Candidate: It is a reputed company. I have heard that it provides a good environment that nurtures growth and talent development.

Interview Board: What is the main strength of your personality?

Candidate: I am enthusiastic and know how to motivate people.


Interview Board: What are your weaknesses?

Candidate: I lose my sleep when I get faulty.

Interview Board: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Candidate: Working happily at a senior position in this company.

Interview Board: What do you like most about your present job?

Candidate: Marketing tour to South India every now and then.

Interview Board: And what do you dislike?

Candidate: I dislike resistance to new ideas.

Interview Board: Suppose you have to persuade a new dealer in a state to sell our mobiles what will be your opening lines?

Candidate: I shall frame my opening lines after reading the body language of the dealer, especially his face. Common opening lines may be: Good morning sir, I am Rajnish, Marketing Officer of LG – a world leader – whose new range of mobiles are rapidly increasing its market share in India. Would you like to go for an association with us to boost business?

Interview Board: What is the best trait of a marketing officer in your opinion?

Candidate: The art of motivation.

Interview Board: Suppose we select you, then would you be able to join our company from the 1st of next month?

Candidate: Definitely sir.

Interview Board: OK, youngman we are almost satisfied with your answers. You may leave now. The board’s decision regarding selection will be conveyed to you within a week. Good luck.


Candidate: Thank you very much sir.

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