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Visit to a city

Rishi: Where did you go last week?

Mintu: I had gone to Chandigarh.

Rishi: With whom did you go?

Mintu: I had gone there with my parents.

Rishi: How did you go there?

Mintu: We had gone there by car.

Rishi: Where did you stay there?

Mintu: At my Uncles house.

Rishi: What does your Uncle do?

Mintu: He is a retired bank officer.

Rishi: For how many days did you stay?

Mintu: Five days.

Rishi: Did you like the city?

Mintu: I loved the city.

Rishi: Why did you like the city?

Mintu: I loved it because it is very well planned and beautiful.

Rishi: What did you see there?

Mintu: We saw Rose Garden, Rock garden, Sukhna Lake etc.

Rishi: What was it that you enjoyed the most?

Mintu: I enjoyed boating in Sukhna lake and the food. It is very delicious.

Rishi: How are the people of the city?

Mintu: The people are friendly and energetic. They are music lovers and enjoy food. Most of them belong to middle class and the women are educated, wise and beautiful.

Rishi: What language do they speak?

Mintu: Most of them speak Punjabi and Hindi.

Rishi: What type of food is eaten there?

Mintu: Chappati, rice, pulses and vegetables are their favorites.

Rishi: Would you advise your friends to visit this city?

Mintu: Yes, I would. It is a very beautiful city.

Rishi: Did you have any bad experience there?

Mintu: Luckily no.

Rishi: How are you feeling after this vacation?

Mintu: I am feeling very happy and relaxed.

Rishi: Where would you like to go next?

Mintu: I am thinking of visiting Ooty in South india.

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