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Buying a Television

Shopkeeper: Welcome, sir!

Customer: Could you show me a good television?

Shopkeeper: Oh sure, sir! We have all the most popular brands. Would you want to buy a regular TV or the LED?

Customer: I would like to go for an LCD.

Shopkeeper: Yes sir! You could see Sony, Samsung and LG. The screen sizes are different. The minimum size is 22 inches and the maximum is 44 inches. Prices are different. What is your budget sir?

Customer: I want to buy one within 22,000/-

Shopkeeper: You could go for an LG 30 inch model sir. We have a good offer for Rs 20,000/ It has amazing features also. Would you like to see it?

Customer: Of course.

Shopkeeper: Here you are sir! Listen to its voice quality and look at its picture clarity.  You can never get a better deal sir.

Customer: Does it have all the latest features?

Shopkeeper: Yes, of course.

Customer: Do you have any finance facility?

Shopkeeper: Yes sir, we do. You could pay in installments with zero interest.

Customer: Ok. I think I am convinced with the LG model. I would like it to be delivered tomorrow as I want to surprise my wife.

Shopkeeper: That’s nice sir.  You could discuss the rest at the payment counter sir. Meanwhile I shall explain the features of the TV with your son.


Customer: Thank you!  

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