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Talking to a student

Tony: In which class do you study?

Rinku: I study in class 8.

Tony: What is the name of your school?

Rinku: WNN public school.

Tony: How far is it from your house?

Rinku: About 7 kms.

Tony: Do you like your School?

Rinku: Yes, I like it very much.

Tony: Why do you like your school?

Rinku: I like it for its discipline and way of teaching.

Tony: How do you go to School?

Rinku: I travel by bus.

Tony: Does your school have a library?

Rinku: Yes, it has.

Tony: Who is the principal of your school?

Rinku: Miss Renu Singh is our principal.

Tony: How many students are there in your class?

Rinku: There are 30 students in my class.

Tony: How many friends do you have?

Rinku: Ten.

Tony: Do you invite all of them on your birthday?

Rinku: Yes, I do.

Tony: When is your birthday?

Rinku: Its on the 20th of October.

Tony: Where do you normally celebrate it?

Rinku: At my house.

Tony: What sports do you play?

Rinku: I like to play cricket.

Tony: Do you practice daily?

Rinku: No. I play only during holidays.

Tony: Who is your favorite cricketer?

Rinku: Sehwag.

Tony: Which TV do you have at home?

Rinku: A sony.

Tony: How long do you watch TV for?

Rinku: I watch for about half an hour daily.

Tony: Do you watch serials or movies?

Rinku: Neither. Its a huge waste of time.

Tony: What do you watch then?

Rinku: I watch Discovery Channel every now and then.

Tony: what are your parents?

Rinku: My father is a businessman and my mother is a home maker.

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