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Admission of a child to school

Vandana: Hello Preeti! How are you? You look a little worried.

Preeti: Hi. Yes, I am worried about my son’s school admission. I don’t know what I should do.

Vandana: Why are you worrying? You can get him admitted to any good English medium school.

Preeti: Yes, but most of the schools demand huge donations which lower middle class people like us cannot afford.

Vandana:  Why don’t you consider a government school in that case?

Preeti: But the standard of education is not so good in govt. schools. The teachers are only interested in their salaries and they don’t take much interest in teaching the students.

Vandana: You are right, Preeti. I got my children admitted to a public school. But, even they are not great either. My children still have to go for tuitions. There are other expenses too and hence it is difficult to meet the expenses.

Preeti: Is it so? It is not easy for us to even admit our children to such schools.

Vandana:  We still can’t say that these public schools would guarantee a bright future for children. You have to take the pain as parents.

Preeti: All this is making me worried.

Vandana: Why don’t you get your son admitted to a government model school? These schools are similar to public schools.  

Preeti: That sounds like a great idea. It can solve my problem. I think a model school would be best for my son under my present circumstances. Will you accompany me to the nearest model school? I shall be thankful tpo you.


b: Oh sure! Please come home at 8 a.m. tomorrow. But do talk to your husband first.

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