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Conversation : Inquiry Of A Kidnapped Case

Press Reporter: Excuse me, I am a press reporter of the DELHI NEWS. Did you witness the kidnapping case here that took place just a few minutes ago?

Meenakshi: Yes, we saw everything. I am still frightened.

Rohan: It seems like a horrible dream.

Press Reporter: Could you tell me about the incident in detail?

Rohan: Definitely! But please don’t disclose our identity.

Press Reporter: We’ll never disclose. We are not the police (laughs).

Meenakshi: (Smiles). That’s the reason people have faith in the press, not in the police.

Press Reporter: At what time was the child kidnapped?

Rohan: At about 2 pm, just 20 minutes ago.

Press Reporter: What was the child doing here?

Meenakshi: He had just got down from Bal Bharati Public School bus.

Press Reporter: What would be the age of the child?

Meenakshi: About 10 years, I think.

Press Reporter: Can you tell me more about the child?

Meenakshi: He has fair complexion, curly hair and a slim body.

Press Reporter: Do you often take the bus at this time?

Rohan: Yes. We study in an evening college and usually take the 2 o’clock bus from here.

Press Reporter: You have got late today.

Rohan: We have been discussing about the kidnapping with other onlookers. We don’t intend to go to college today.

Press Reporter: Did the police find any clues?

Rohan: Yes, they found a cigarette that was thrown by one of the kidnappers.

Press Reporter: To which direction did the kidnappers flee away?

Meenakshi: They fled away towards Raja Garden.

Press Reporter: In which vehicle did they come? Did you note down the number?

Rohan: They came in a blue-coloured Maruti. The number is….

Press Reporter: It may be a stolen car. How many kidnappers were there in the car? Didn’t the public try to rescue the kid?

Rohan: There were four kidnappers. One of the kidnappers flashed a gun in the air and the people were frightened. Nobody was able to do anything.

Press Reporter: Did they belong to urban or rural area? Could you guess if you heard any of them speaking?

Meenakshi: I think they belong to a rural area. And all of them were in the age group of 20 to 25.

Press Reporter: Can you tell about their outlook in detail?

Meenakshi: In such an atmosphere of scare, we are often unable to observe all these things in details. Still I can tell you something more. One of them has short hair, dark skin and he was wearing black goggles. He was of medium height.

Rohan: And he is the kidnapper who came out of the car and lifted the kid up. He was wearing black jeans and black half-sleeve shirt.

Press Reporter: Why have those hoodlums kidnapped the child? Have you any idea?

Rohan: Probably it is for ransom because the kid belongs to a rich family. Generally a Honda City comes to the bus stop to pick up the kid.

Press Reporter: Yes, it may be. Let’s hope now that the child will be rescued by the police soon. You gave me valuable information. Thanks a lot for your kind co-operation.


Rohan: It’s all right.

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