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At the reception desk of an English Institute

Amol: Good morning Mam! I am Amol. I would like to know about the various advanced level courses that your institute can offer.

Counsellor: Very good morning Amol. Thanks for calling upon us. Before I could explain a little more, may I know your educational background and your requirements?

Amol: Yes,Mam. I am doing my graduation in arts from Delhi University. I want to improve my communication skills and my vocabulary too.

Counsellor: Alright. We would test your abilities with a simple test. Later, we would suggest the most suitable course for you based upon your performance.

Amol: Ok Mam. What about the course duration and fees?

Counsellor: We shall take it one at a time. I suggest you first give your tests and lets take it from there. Our English institute offers you a lot of flexibility which could be discussed after your test.

Amol. That sounds fair enough mam. Thank you. When do I give my tests?

Counsellor: You may give them right away if you are ready.

Amol: Alright. Thank you, Mam.

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