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Visiting a Hotel

Receptionist: Welcome. How can I help you sir?

Visitor: I want a room to stay in your hotel.

Receptionist: For how many days do you want to stay sir?

Visitor: I want to stay for just five days. What would your charges be for a single room?

Receptionist: It would be Rs 2000 per day for a standard single room, sir.

Visitor: Please book a single room for me.

Receptionist: Kindly fill in your particulars on this form, sir and you need to pay a deposit of Rs 1000/-. You may pay the balance when you check out of the hotel. Breakfast and bed Tea are complimentary and for the rest you will have to pay extra charges.

Visitor: Alright. I would like to have my tea at 7 a.m and breakfast at 8.30 a.m.

Receptionist: Ok. Sir! What is my room number? Is there anyone who can help with my luggage?

Visitor: Room no: 101 sir, on the first floor. I shall send the attendant right away to help you with your luggage. Have a pleasant stay sir!

Receptionist: Ok. Thank you! 

Key expressions

I want a room to…….

For how many days do……..

It would be rs…….

Kindly fill in your particulars on…….

Is there anyone who can help with……

I shall send…….right away.



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