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Interview Conversation : Call Centre or Multinational company

Conversation between interviewer and interviewee example:

Candidate: Good morning, sir, May I step in?

Interviewer: good morning. Yes, please have a seat.

Candidate: Thank you, sir.

Interviewer: Please tell us something about yourself.

Candidate: I passed 12th through English medium with 75% marks. Now I am doing graduation from Oxford University. I am also doing a part-time job as a computer operator. My hobbies are watching cricket and listening to music.

Interviewer: Where are you working?

Candidate: I work at a chartered accountant’s office, North Avenue.

Interviewer: What’s your current salary?

Candidate: $2000/- per month.

Interviewer: Why do you want to leave that job?

Candidate: Firstly, it is a part-time job, and I want to do a full-time job. Secondly, I am not interested in accounting anymore.

Interviewer: You are doing your graduation. How will you be able to do a full-time job?

Candidate: I am pursuing it through correspondence. Therefore, I will be able to do a full-time job.

Interviewer: Why do you want to join a call centre?

Candidate: I like to talk to others. Moreover, career prospects are bright in a big company. Talent is valued here.

Interviewer: Your hobbies are watching cricket and listening to music. Can you name a good batter?

Candidate: I appreciate Sachin Tendulkar. He holds the most world records in cricket history.

Interviewer: Which type of music do you like to listen to?

Candidate: I enjoy both classical and pop music.

Interviewer: If you were made the governor of your state, what would be your first two steps?

Candidate: To remove illegal encroachments from the city and ensure parks and parking places in each colony.

Interviewer: If you become God for one day, tell us one thing you would like to do.

Candidate: To create a new world without violence.

Interview: How many buttons does your shirt have?

Candidate: Sorry, sir, I never counted them.

Interviewer: Who is the prime minister of the UK?

Candidate: Tony Blair.

Interviewer: When did USA president Obama land on the moon?

Candidate: Actually, he never landed on the moon. He is a political leader.

Interviewer: What is your weak point?

Candidate: Eating spicy food.

Interviewer: What is the main strength of your personality?

Candidate: The ability to talk to any person without hesitation.

Interviewer: Where do you see yourself after five years?

Candidate: Working in your company in a senior position.

Interviewer: Speak a few sentences on a bunch of ripe bananas.

Candidate: It reflects a healthy and zestful life. It also fills us with a feeling of togetherness. A spirit of cooperation among employees makes them more useful and valuable. If we work in a team, we become very competitive. Therefore join hands and move forward to your goals.

Interviewer: And you have won the post. Would you like to have your appointment letter and join the company from the first of next month?

Candidate: Definitely, Sir! Thanks a lot for allowing me to serve the company.

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