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Buying a mobile

Visitor: Excuse me

Sales girl: Welcome, sir!

Visitor: Could you show me a good mobile phone?

Salesgirl: Whats your range sir?

Visitor: A nice phone within 7000/-

Salesgirl: We have a lot of choices in that range sir. Please follow me as I shall just show you the models available with us. Here you see all the latest models of LG, Samsung, Sony and Nokia.

Visitor: Whats the price of Samsung? This one in particular?

Salesgirl: That would be for 6990/-

Visitor: Sounds expensive.

Salesgirl: Its a great phone for this price, sir. There are a lot of features and besides, the camera resolution is also very good. Its got 2 mega pixels and the print quality will be good. Video recording lasts for an hour and you may enjoy uninterrupted viewing of movies for almost two hours.

Visitor: Hmm, Ok. I seem convinced. Whats the last price that you can offer me if I pay by cash?

Salesgirl: Sir, we have a special discount offer now. You may have it for 6000/-

Visitor: Is that all you can do?

Salesgirl: Sir, its already at its best price. Besides, these are the offers that come directly from the company.

Visitor: Does this have any warranty period and will you give me a receipt?

Salesgirl: Definitely! It has a warranty of six months.

Visitor: Alright. I shall take it. Kindly make the bill please!

Salesgirl: Thank you, sir!

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