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Conversation : Visit to a Music Concert

Preeti: I attended a music concert.

Madhu: Where was the music concert?

Preeti: It was in Talkatora Stadium.

Madhu: Where is this stadium?

Preeti: It is near Dr. RML Hospital.

Madhu: Who organised this concert?

Preeti: It was organised by Lions Club, Delhi

Madhu: Which musicians or singers were called?

Preeti: There were two singers: Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik

Madhu: Who composed the music?

Preeti: Annu Malik.

Madhu: With whom did you go there?

Preeti: I went there with my family.

Madhu: How many family members went with you?

Preeti: Three my parents and my elder brother.

Madhu: At what time did you reach there?

Preeti: At 8pm.

Madhu: What was the rate of the entry ticket?

Preeti: Rs.300/- and Rs.500/-

Madhu: How many persons were there?

Preeti: About 1000.

Madhu: Did you enjoy the show?

Preeti: It was excellent. I enjoyed it very much.

Madhu: Did the audience cheer the singers?

Preeti: They cheered many times.

Madhu: Did you eat anything there?

Preeti: Yes, we ate ice-creams.

Madhu: At what time did you come back?

Preeti: The show ended at 11pm and we reached home at 11.30pm.

Madhu: Did you tell your friends about this music concert?


Preeti: Yes, I told many friends.

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