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At the post office

To send a parcel

Customer : Parcel counter : PC

C: Hello, Could you please help me send a parcel?

Enquiry Counter: Yes. Please approach the parcel counter over there.

C: Thank you.

PC: May I help you?

C: Yes. I need to send this parcel to Mumbai.

PC: Ok. What is the nature of the parcel sir?

C: Its stitched fabric sir along with a personal letter.

PC: Ok. I hope it is sufficiently sealed. Let me just check its weight.

C: Ok. May I know when it will reach?

PC: In two working days sir. You will have to pay 200/- sir.

C: Ok. Here you are. What are the regular charges?

PC: Please refer the parcel postage on the notice board, sir.

C: ok. I hope it will reach the recipient in good condition.

PC : Be assured that it will be so, sir.

C: Thank you.

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