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A Guest at Home

Rita: Good evening Uncle! How are you? I am happy to see you today.

Uncle: I am fine, my dear. And how are you?

Rita: Very well Uncle. Please come in.

Uncle: Where are your parents?

Rita: Papa is out of station and mummy has just gone to the market.

Uncle: Where has your father gone?

Rita: He has gone to Jaipur on business.

Uncle: But he had asked me to meet him today as he wanted to talk about something.

Rita: He had to suddenly go this morning because of an urgent business call from Jaipur. He had called you up but no one seemed to respond. He had told me that you would come and he instructed me to inform you that he would get in touch with you once he gets back tomorrow.

Uncle: Ok. When will your mother return from the market?

Rita: Shell be back in half an hour. Would you like to have some water Uncle?

Uncle: Oh yes.Are you doing your B.A, Rita?

Rita: Here you are, Uncle. Yes, I am in my final year now, at Kalindi college. What is your daughter Madhuri doing?

Uncle: She has completed her graduation and is currently doing a computer course. She remembers you a lot.

Rita: I will speak to her. I shall just get you a cup of tea, Uncle.

Uncle: No, Thanks, My child. I need to go now. Ask your father to call me as soon as he reaches home. Goodnight my child!

Rita: Goodnight Uncle.

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