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Conversation : Importance of English

Sumit: Are you learning English?

Sarita: Yes, I am learning.

Sumit: Why are you learning it?

Sarita: Without it we cant make a good career.

Sumit: Where are you learning?

Sarita: I am learning it at Engmates.

Sumit: Why have you joined this institute?

Sarita: It is a good institute to learn effective English.

Sumit: What do they teach?

Sarita: They teach good sentence-making, vocabulary, conversation, fluent speaking, group

discussions, newspaper reading, personality development, art of interview etc.

Sumit: Do they take any test before admission?

Sarita: They take a simple verbal test.

Sumit: What is the benefit of learning English?

Sarita: It is an international language. If we know English we can talk to others in any foreign country.

Sumit: Cant we get a good job if our English is poor?

Sarita: It is very difficult to get a good job. In almost every big company, interview is held in English only.

Sumit: In your opinion, what are other benefits of learning English?

Sarita: Students learn to make good sentences so they get better marks in all the subjects. We also get social respect.

Sumit: Cant we improve English at home?

Sarita: Most of the persons learn incorrect English at home. We need guidance of a good teacher to be really effective in English writing and speaking.

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