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  1. Acquired taste - something you dislike when you taste it, but begin to like after trying several times
  2. Go Bananas - if someone becomes very emotional, and starts behaving in a crazy way
  3. Spill the beans - to reveal a secret
  4. Butter somebody up - to be very nice to someone
  5. Piece of cake - very easy work
  6. Slice/share of cake  - to share profits or benefits
  7. Know which side you bread is buttered  - to know where your interest lies
  8. King of the cake  -  add on advantage
  9. Sell like hot cake  -  sell quickly
  10. Carrot and stick  -  to promise reward and threat of punishment too
  11. Sharp cookie  -   who is not easily fooled
  12. Tough cookie  -  who is self-confident & ambitious
  13. Cool as cucumber  -  who is relaxed but not emotional
  14. Have all your eggs in one basket - to depend on one source of income
  15. Food for thought  -  to think seriously about a particular subject

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