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Seeing a crow eating a piece of bread, a fox thought how it (a) ______ trick that fellow. It said, “(b) ______ I talk to you, Sir? “. The cow did not even look at the fox. The fox again said, “(c) ______ you please pay a little attention to me? What a nice bird you are! Your voice (d) ________ be very sweet. I am sure you (e) _______ sing very well.” The crow who (f) ______ not be persuaded till then now looked at the fox. It (g) ______ have felt flattered. The crow said to itself, “I’ll sow this fox how well I (h) ______ sing” . It opened its beak. The piece of bread fell down and was eaten away quickly by the fox.


ANSWER : (a) could (b) may (c) would (d) must (e) can (f) could (g) must (h) can

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