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Idiom Quiz

  • 1. You look a little down in the dumps.
    • A. You are looking down.
    • B. You look a little bit angry.
    • C. You look sad.
    • D. You look great.
  • 2. He comes across as a military commander.  
    • A. He acts like a military commander.
    • B. He is a military commander.
    • C. He wants to join the military.
    • D. He is coming to a military base.
  • 3. Just cheer up and stick with a positive attitude.
    • A. Feel better and get a positivity stick.
    • B. Smile upwards and maintain a positive attitude.
    • C. Think "up" and get a sticky attitude.
    • D. Feel better and maintain positive thoughts.
  • 4. He makes me feel like everything is over my head.
    • A. He makes me feel like things are on my head.
    • B. He makes me feel like I cannot understand anything.
    • C. He makes me feel the sky, the trees and other large things.
    • D. He makes me feel my head, which is embarrassing.
  • 5. It has been one thing after another lately.
    • A. Things have been happening lately.
    • B. If one more thing happens, it will happen too late.
    • C. Many great things have been happening.
    • D. Things have happened close together in time.
  • 6. Maybe it will even change my luck, knock on wood.
    • A. Maybe it will change my luck and someone’s knocking.
    • B. Maybe it will change my luck if I knock on the door.
    • C. Maybe it will change my luck. I knock on wood to give myself luck.
    • D. Maybe it will even change my luck if I knock on wood as much as I can.
  • 7. Please give it a rest.  
    • A. Please stop talking about that topic.
    • B. Please lay down.
    • C. Please stop talking and lay down.
    • D. Please pull out the futon.
  • 8. I think I stand a change of getting that job.
    • A. I think I’ll wait in line for that job.
    • B. I think many people are waiting in line for that job, and I’ll wait too.
    • C.I think I might get that job.
    • D. I think I’ll stand and think about the job.
  • 9. I’m sticking to the new diet.
    • A. I’m on a new diet of sticky rice.
    • B. I’m on a new diet of only sticky foods.
    • C. I’m sticking to the kitchen counter.
    • D. I’m obeying the new diet.
  • 10. This weather leaves a lot to be desired.
    • A. This weather is gloomy.
    • B. I don’t like this weather.
    • C. This weather is rainy.
    • D.This weather is cloudy.

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