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Vocabulary – The meaning

In simple terms, it means knowledge of words in a particular language. 

Your smart companion for confidence

·        Vocabulary helps in expressing oneself very well and aids in clear communication too.

·        It improves your IQ (intelligence quotient) to a large extent.

·        You get understood very well by others.

·        You will love the learning experience and sharing it with others too.

·        Your written abilities will be excellent.

·        It increases your value as a knowledgeable person.

·        You might end up learning and developing a new skill like poetry.  

·         It becomes a constant companion for confidence forever.


The little hurdles

·        Totally lost

·        Unawareness

·        Disinterest

·        Imagining that it’s very difficult

·        Inconsistency

·        Inability to relate properly


·        Over dependency on others 

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