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Work Place Slangs and Idioms

1.     To axe someone :-  to get fired

2.     Back to the drawing board:- to start all over again

"The government must go back to the drawing board and review the whole issue of youth training"

3.     Back to the salt mines:- Resuming one's daily work, often unhappily

I'm not excited to get back to the saltmines on Monday. When do you get back to the salt mines after your trip?

4.     Blue collar worker:-  Characteristic of the working class, especially manual laborers.

I come from a blue collar family, so I will always champion thecommon man's concerns. Blue collar workers have always been an important part of our economy.

5.     Deadwood:- good for nothing

We’ll have to cut costs by getting rid of the deadwood.

6.     Bust one’s buns:- to work really hard

I have busted my buns the entire week.

7.     Bumped up:- promoted/ to get an incrementI need to bump up my savings if I want to buy a new car before the end of theyear. Can you bump up the volume a little bit? We can't hear the radio back here.

8.     Carve out a niche:- to successfully create or get something, especially a work position.

He hopes to carve out a niche for himself as a leading researcher in his field of study.

9.     Desk jockey:- stuck to the desk

I was breaking my back working construction for fiveyears before I finally got a job as a desk jockey at the local bank. I feel sorry for all thosedesk jockeys trapped inside for eight hours a day.

10    Dog eat dog world:- competitive world

In showbusiness it's dog eat dog one day you're a star, the next     you've been replaced by younger talent.

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