Brilliant ideas without proper words cannot take any shape and that is where language plays an important role. One of the most commonly spoken languages across the world, English is gaining importance with time. Not only in professional world but people are also using this language fluently in personal spaces. On the other hand, those who lack the knowledge of English and the confidence to speak often feel inferior and under confident eve if they are immensely talented.

If you are also one of these faces then it is your time to break free and have a strong command over English language. Join Engmates today to speak fluent English in matter of weeks. Engmates’ advanced English speaking course is specially designed to help you achieve a strong command over spoken English. The institute is run by a team of experienced professionals who are result oriented and track your improvement. They make you familiar with your weaknesses and help you improve in those particular areas.

Under the advanced English speaking courses, the institute covers as many as twenty two topics including essential Grammar Brush-ups, Group Discussion, Role Play, Speech Practice, Audio Sessions, Advanced Grammar, Impressive Sentence Making, Speaking on Current Topics, Newspaper Reading, Word-Power, Common Phrases & Idioms, Interview Technique, Personality Development, Extempore, M.T.I., Pronunciation, Confidence Building, Vedio Sessions, E-mail, Report Writing, Quick Speaking, Question Making etc. They offer classes on both weekdays and weekends so that you can join the institute as per your convenience.

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